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Russia Vows To Strongly Retaliate Against To US Sanctions



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Facing serious US sanctions, the Russian government vowed to retaliate with a “strong and painful” response. Russia threatened the administration of President Joe Biden that they will target sensitive US assets if America continues its “ongoing attempts to change Russia's course.” 

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Under Threat of US Sanctions, Russia Will Not Back Down

flags of USA and Russia painted on cracked wall | Under Threat of US Sanctions, Russia Will Not Back Down

The Russian Foreign Ministry declared that the country will not back down even with the threat of US and Western economic sanctions.

In a statement, the Ministry said that Russia can “minimize the damage” despite all sanction costs. At the same time, “sanctions pressure is not able to affect our determination to firmly defend our interests.” 

The Foreign Ministry also emphasized that diplomacy with the US will remain open and available. However, they will meet all attempts of US sanctions with a strong and painful response.

“There should be no doubt that sanctions will receive a strong response, not necessarily symmetrical,” it said. However, it will be “finely tuned and painful to the American side.”

Biden Announces First Batch of US Sanctions Against Russia

Last Tuesday, Biden announced the first tranche of US sanctions against Russia for the military incursions into Ukraine. He said that the US will now impose these penalties as a response to “the beginning of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

In particular, US sanctions against Russia will target the country's sovereign debt, two large Russian financial institutions, and Russian elites.

Biden added that more are on the way if Russia continues to inflame the situation with Ukraine. “We'll continue to escalate sanctions if Russia escalates,” he said.

Yesterday, Putin ordered a special military operation to support two separatist areas in Ukraine’s Donbas region. Troops went into the Donetsk and Luhansk regions to conduct “peacekeeping functions.” 

Putin Blames NATO

Putin blames the ongoing crisis on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Specifically, Russia is protesting NATO’s continued expansion into eastern Europe.

In fact, Putin demanded that NATO shouldn’t consider adding Ukraine and Georgia to their alliance.

Meanwhile, NATO and the US dismissed Putin’s demands but said they are open to negotiating on military exercises and missile deployments. 

With Moscow massing hundreds of thousands of troops near the Ukraine border, many analysts saw this as a pretext to an invasion.

Meanwhile, the US remained doubtful that Russia will consider a diplomatic resolution to its issues with its neighbor. Last week, the US agreed in principle with Russia to open a Ukraine summit to discuss the ongoing crisis.

However, for the summit to happen, the US needs a guarantee that Russia will not invade Ukraine during the period. With its operation into Ukraine earlier, talks broke off. “Moscow needs to demonstrate that it's serious about diplomacy.

Russia's actions over the last 48 hours have in fact demonstrated the opposite. If Moscow's approach changes, we remain ready to engage,” State Department spokesperson Ned Price said Wednesday.  

Watch the CBS News video reporting that Putin not backing down as the US imposes sanctions on Russia:

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1 Comment

  • The Kat says:

    IT’s HIGH TIME Old Joe open up our own gas and oil supply, then if Russia does hit us in that area it won’t hurt us. Let’s see what course Old Joe and company takes.

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