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Venezuela Is Bad News For Bernie



It is not a good time to be Bernie Sanders.

The self-proclaimed socialist is losing to Hillary Clinton in delegates, votes, and polls. However, his real problem is Venezuela.

The South American socialist paradise is quickly becoming a failed state with constant photo-ops of empty shelves, riots, and bread lines. None of that helps the Democrat candidate wanna-be with his platform of what’s yours is ours.

Watch the video above and see how suddenly Bernie Sanders transforms into a seasoned politician when he dodges the direct question about Venezuela. He is all for talking about fixing the country, but when a real-world example comes up about the failings of socialism, then Sanders only wants to talk about the United States.

The real answer that he didn’t want to say is that socialism doesn’t work. There is no real applicable use in this country for it and he is selling lies to his supporters who worship him with a fanatical zealotry. He has refused to drop out of the race (which isn’t a bad thing if you hate Hillary), but we should not underestimate his supporters and the lengths they will go.

The last thing American needs is to go back in time 60 years and try to institute a failed and dangerous system.

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  • John ghougasian says:

    They are in dyer straits

  • Gary D Flatt says:

    How many times must WE learn that socialism/Marxism/Communisn as a political system DOES not work? Only American value system works. Go Trump, bring America back from the brink of depression and potential despair of incompetence.

  • Gaylord Dowd says:

    Socialism and communism never ever work in the real world. The lives of ordinary people living under these political systems are always impoverished, downtrodden and restricted by the the ruling elite running the systems for their own advancement and gain.

  • pasquale ruiu says:

    Bernie has to pay attention at the united states not to other countryes

  • Mnm says:

    Comes down to the fact that most people are losing or have lost entirely their ability to reason and think critically – instead they have been vessels for dumping someone else’s ideas into their brains.
    Watch any confrontations by so called thuggish or emotionally charged protesters and you will see nobody is really listening or debating each other not is anyone able to expound on what exactly it is they think they believe in.

    “He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither.” Ben Franklin
    Not enough:
    Why is it that our children can’t read a Bible in school, but they can in prison?

    Why do I have to swear on the Bible in court when the Ten Commandments cannot be displayed outside

  • Name says:

    it is a sleazy way to put down a decadency of Mr. Sanders.

  • lankar says:

    everybody not stupid know why

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