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Remembering Memorial Day



This is the weekend that America should always remember what we do for our country, for our freedom. We fight very hard for what we believe in, and we spare no expense to stand up for what is right. We are the friend that comes in and helps our allies when they are in need, we take the initiative to protect not only ourselves but the world as a whole.

In a way, America is the protective older brother for the world. It may sound arrogant, it may sound confident, but the world looks to America as a role model, they always have. Japan constantly tries to “Americanize,” whereas people from England and Australia come to us, either to visit or to stay permanently. We are a melting pot country, we exist because we are a country of immigrants, we were founded that way and we continue to be that way today. We fight for that, we give our lives for that.

I come from generations of veterans, some who have given the ultimate sacrifice, some who thankfully made it back home safe. I have numerous friends who are deployed right now and some who are waiting to be deployed. I can never thank them enough for what they have done for this country. This weekend, take time to thank them, ask them their stories, and honor their patriotism with them. 

We have always been the country that salutes and praises our men and women who go to war, we have made movies about it for years. Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Jarhead, and many many others, and every one of those movies has something in common. Patriotism.

Something about those movies make us feel strong, they give us power. I know as a kid, growing up, I was always outside with my friends pretending to be at war, shooting fake guns, all of us have that in us from a young age. We are instilled with this sense of strength that we get from our country. We get our power, our strength, our identity from that passion that connects all of us. 

We are proud, we are loud, we are fighters, we are strong, we are brave, we are loyal to our country, we will do whatever it takes to make this country safe, we are Americans. Don’t lose sight of that this weekend. Enjoy the barbecues, the drinks, the laughs with friends, the wonderful weather, but remember that it was because of men and women, young and old, who saw that they could fight, took a risk, and gave everything they had for what we all enjoy.

Since World War I we have lost an estimated 1,796,788 soldiers. All of which were fighting for you, fighting for me, fighting for the things that make this country great. So this weekend let’s salute the men and women who gave it their all. Let’s raise our glasses and give them a toast.

We are proud.


We are American’s. 


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