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2020 Election: It All Boils Down to These 8 States



Swing State 3D Illustration Road Sign | 2020 Election: It All Boils Down to These 8 States | Featured

Heading into Election Night, both major parties have reason to be concerned. Despite polling and early voting consistently showing a Joe Biden lead, the numbers are so close that they often fall into the margin of error. And with Republicans relying heavily on in-person day-of voting to avoid any voter fraud or US Postal Service blunders, it will be impossible to make any early predictions.

More than any other year, this election will play out in the swing states. Specifically, 8 states may decide who ends up in the White House for the next 4 years: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

With most states falling squarely into their traditional “Red” or “Blue” roles, many electoral votes are already allotted to a candidate. The states that can go in either direction and offer 10+ electoral votes will ultimately tip the scales to one candidate or the other. Trump or Biden will require 270 electoral votes to win.

In 2016, Trump bested Hillary Clinton by winning 307 electoral votes to her 231. On Election Eve four years ago, Clinton was predicted to win by the same margin predicted for Biden in 2020 – which goes to show that polls only offer so much guidance prior to a final count.

Where Trump Stands Compared to 4 Years Ago

President Donald J. Trump Waves as He Walks | 2020 Election: It All Boils Down to These 8 States

In the 8 key battleground states, Trump has lost some ground with suburban voters and female voters. Many voters are critical of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the base that he plays to remains strong, and his in-person rallies have drawn thousands of attendees.

Arizona: 11 Electoral Votes

Trump won Arizona by 4 points in 2016; the current prediction in 2020 is for Biden to pull out a 4-point lead. In the final days prior to the election, Biden has poured more dollars into advertising in the Phoenix market than he has anywhere else in the country. But Arizona has only voted for one Democratic candidate since 1964.

Florida: 29 Electoral Votes

Trump took Florida by 1 point in 2016, and Biden holds a 1-point lead in 2020. Florida is a true toss-up, with Trump having made 3 visits to the state in the last week. Florida Democrats failed to register as many new voters as they aimed to, despite many felons having their voter rights recently reinstated.

Georgia: 16 Electoral Votes

Trump won Georgia in 2016 by 5 points, and Biden is showing a measly 1-point lead heading into the election. Georgia hasn’t voted for a Democrat since 1992. Things are looking peachy for Trump in Georgia.

Michigan: 16 Electoral Votes

Trump eked out a victory in Michigan in 2016 by a mere 10,704 votes. This year, Biden holds a firm 8-point lead in the state that had turned blue for six consecutive elections prior to Trump’s 2016 win. Michigan has had a tumultuous year, with Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer imposing harsh coronavirus restrictions, and armed citizen militias challenging her on the steps of City Hall on numerous occasions. The recently uncovered plot to kidnap the tyrannical governor may just turn the state blue again.

Minnesota: 10 Electoral Votes

Clinton took Minnesota in 2016, and Biden is leading as we head into Election Day. But Trump keeps visiting the state and has strong support outside of the large cities. Minnesota has voted Democratic since 1976, so a Trump win in the state would be a huge and surprising upset.

North Carolina: 15 Electoral Votes

Trump won North Carolina by 4 points in 2016, and Biden’s lead is within the margin of error in 2020. Trump’s base will have to stay strong and show up to the polls for him to pull out a win, but North Carolina typically leans Republican.

Pennsylvania: 20 Electoral Votes

Trump won Pennsylvania by just 1 point four years ago, and the polls show Biden holding a 5-point lead. But despite Pennsylvania being Biden’s “hometown,” Trump has incredible support across the state.

Wisconsin: 10 Electoral Votes

Trump narrowly took Wisconsin four years ago, but he trails Biden by a considerable 9-point deficit in 2020. His recent rallies have drawn thousands of loyal supporters, so the polling may again be entirely inaccurate here. Wisconsin was firmly blue for many years, but in the last three elections has turned more and more red, with Trump finally breaking their blue wall in 2016.

Despite the mainstream media spending the last four years trashing Trump on every topic, every piece of legislation, and every personal scandal he has endured in his 74 years, the Republican party reports that support for the president is even stronger than it was in 2016. Democrats have proven to be a party that represents tantrums and violence, and voters fear the Progressive agenda that Kamala Harris would bring to the White House.


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  • nighlight says:

    The unavoidable question that SCREAMS for an answer is WHY would ANY sane, rational American vote
    for the Biden/Harris ticket when they are both, at the very least, resoundingly treasonous and
    openly against everything our counbtry stands for?

  • Suzie says:

    A fellow church member said they went to polls to vote and were asked what party they were voteing for. When my friend said it was none of their business they would told that this year they needed to know so ballets would go in correct box. This is not right.

  • Eugene Kapinos says:

    The brain washed sheepleton are the reason. When you see lame stream media say mostly peaceful protest in front of a city block of businesses that are a raging inferno repeated over and over again, then the are allowed to continuously repeat it you know the country is in trouble. I think only an act of God can save us from president Harris( or Pelouzi)

  • Sylvia DeCook says:

    I think your going to find that this is a set up and there is no way Biden is winning. What about the news reel showing a postal worker throwing all those votes away in a dumpster that were all for Trump? Biden couldn’t even remember who he was debating when he called the President by another name.

  • Anonymous says:

    We are being robbed by the left and will be governed by China and Russia soon

  • Jackie Norton says:

    There is going to be a great need for recounts, and then a recount on the recounts!! I don’t know if we will ever find out the REAL count!! This is the worst election ever. I can’t believe anyone would want a President like Biden, that is selling America out! It’s a travesty!!

  • Survivor says:

    Everyone let’s calm down remember what Dan bongino said no matter what the polls say votes and stay at the polls no matter what.

    At 90% of the votes they still have not called Florida for President Trump but we will prevail no matter what God is watching over this country!!!
    Are women who have fought and died for this country are looking down on us and watching over us…

  • David says:

    Why is this even close….people are brainwashed on covid and who and why the media and China are funding Biden.
    You may not like trump as a person but how could you possibly like Biden, Harris, pelosi, shifty shift, Obama’s, Clinton’s, Epstein, and the other swamp members….THEY GOT US HERE,…why do you want more. Trump isn’t a politician….and all involved in the corruption are running scared of being exposed. Large tech, media are in it for the money…..ask yourself,,,why hate one man so much???? Besides his mouth. China and dems plan on profiting huge from this….at the expense of you and your freedoms…..wake the hell up…don’t be a sheep. These people don’t care about you….what have they done for you….look at their cities…. if you don’t like it here…LEAVE….DONT MAKE IT INTO THE SKANK HOLE YOU RAN FROM….

  • Pat Hollis says:

    There is no way Biden is winning! I say go red all the way. Trump has done more fore America than any other. Trump don’t let them cheat you out of it! MAGA 4 more years!

  • Daniel Parks says:

    The communist takeover of America is not a surprise, this is what happens when you are asleep after allowing unrestricted money in.

  • R.G. STRAWSER says:

    It’s NOT that we want a President like Joe Biden, it’s MORE that we don’t want an additional 4 years of a President like Trump!

  • Anonymous says:

    Why? You tell me what he has done to the American people and the country that you hate him that much to have the left’s agenda which is down right evil in every way, if you want to live in a communist country then go to china but don’t fuck the rest of us

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