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Gov. Abbott Lets Biden Have It About Border Failures



Gov. Abbott Lets Biden Have It About Border Failures -ss-Featured

On Tuesday, at a press conference, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas slammed President Joe Biden and his administration for their failure of handling the crisis at the southern border, where many migrants are coming in by the thousands.

Abbott unleashed on Biden for showing that he is incapable of dealing with this crisis while illegal migrants continue to pour in across the border and into Del Rio, Texas.

Abbott Says Biden Admin is Incapable

He said that the only thing the Biden administration has shown is its incapability of handling the situation. Abbott noted that it does so candidly to the point that it pretends the crisis doesn’t exist. He then reiterated that the crisis exists and that it’s chaotic. The Texas governor then said that the current administration needs to significantly “up their game.”

He then criticized Biden for the seemingly lax border policies that are in place at the border, such as “catch-and-release.”

He said that one can witness the onrush when the administration has dropped the pretense of making sure the border and our sovereignty is secure.


The Texas governor’s comments echoed those that he had already pointed out in a letter addressed to the current administration that he wrote on Monday. The said letter requested for the president to make a federal emergency declaration in connection to the southern border crisis.

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  • Homeofthebrave says:

    With the Feds blocking the returning of these invalid asylum-seekers to Haiti, its literally a Mexican standoff-Biden will incur the wrath of his party as they weep at returning them, and if they can’t return them, Gov. Abbott and the state continues to bear high cost. And Kanaka is doing the weeping. God help us.

  • Chisel says:

    Abbott’s just as bad, deploy the guard and secure your state you hack! Then they end up wherever! Your just as bad as biden

  • Ben Dover says:

    President Biden seems to be quite capable and amazingly successful at bringing in criminal invaders from all over the planet. So far Biden has successfully ignored the laws and is taking taxpayer money to pay for illegal undocumented Democrat voters, over a million of them in only eight months. We the people are giving him the power to destroy the country as we knew it, and giving him the money to pay for the new Democrat voters to live better than the average, native born American families.

  • The professor says:

    Make sure your guns are clean you have plenty of ammo plenty of toilet paper bottled water and start learning how to grow a garden …. this is only the beginning ….when these illegal aliens run out of food basic necessities what do you think they are going to do they’re going to break into stores break into your home and then you’re screwed…..I agree with chisel….the National Guard needs to be called out…. this is complete insanity !!!!

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Sink the ship’s that are bringing the Haitians

  • bob says:

    shoot on site

  • Ali says:

    “Arms are the only true badge of liberty. The possession of arms is the distinction of a free man from a slave.”

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