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Liberal Alan Dershowitz Compares Democrats to Russian Secret Police Under Stalin– They’re ‘Making Up Crimes!’



Alan Dershowirz | Liberal Alan Dershowitz Compares Democrats to Russian Secret Police Under Stalin– They're ‘Making Up Crimes!' | Featured

Alan Dershowitz, self-described liberal Democrat and Harvard Law School professor, compared congressional Democrats to the Russian secret police “under the murderous dictator Josef Stalin for their efforts to impeach President Trump.” Dershowitz claims that the Democrats are making up crimes.

Dershowitz added that they made up collusion – “I searched the statute books. There's no crime of collusion except when businessmen get together to collude against the anti-trust laws, but no crime of collusion with a foreign country.” He then mentioned obstruction of Congress – “Obstruction of justice is a crime; obstruction of Congress is part of our system of checks and balances.”

He has lately been seen negatively by Democrats because of his criticisms towards their impeachment efforts against the president. He also criticized CNN for their “biased treatment” – “They have people out there who are just parroting the party line over and over and over again and misleading their viewers.”

Dershowitz said, “Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican; whether you come from New York or the middle of the country, you should be frightened by efforts to try to create crimes out of nothing.”

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