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American Airlines and Delta Air Lines Enhance Cleaning Protocol to Fight COVID-19

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American Airlines and Delta Air Lines Enhance Cleaning Protocol to Fight COVID-19

American Airlines and Delta Air Lines are enhancing their cleaning protocol to strengthen aircraft cabin sanitization to fight COVID-19.

These two airlines are amplifying their current protocol with new measures. On Monday, American Airlines announced that it is “upgrading its Clean Commitment by adding the electrostatic spraying solution SurfaceWise®2 from Allied BioScience to its multitiered cleaning and safety program in the coming months.”

The statement explains that the SurfaceWise2 solution serves as “the first-ever long-lasting product to help fight the spread of the novel coronavirus that is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).”

How It Works

The SurfaceWise2 “creates an invisible barrier on surfaces,” Dr. Charles Gerba, an infectious disease expert, explained in a statement. This “physically breaks down and kills virus cells.”

“This helps protect passengers and crew members against the transmission of coronavirus via surfaces, particularly on high-touch areas such as seats, armrests, tray tables and overhead bin doors,” he added.

Fox Business reported that Allied BioScience reportedly seeks nonemergency approval from the EPA for the antiviral surface coating. SurfaceWise2 could become available to the public if approved.

As for Delta Air Lines, they doubled the number of cabin cleaners. They sanitize its aircraft cabins during updated pre-flight “pit stops,” as reported by Reuters.

The carrier will designate at least eight pre-flight cleaners. They will “disinfect high-touch spaces and places while grounded between flights,” Fox Business explained.

A flight attendant and gate agent will then inspect and call back cleaners if needed — “even if that means taking a delay to the flight,” said Mike Medeiros, head of the airline’s new Global Cleanliness division.

“As important as [being] on time is to our company, we know that cleanliness, particularly in this environment but also going forward, will be just as important,” Medeiros said.

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