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Tennessee School District Asks Parents to Sign Waiver That They Will Not Tune in to Online Classes; Sparks Criticism



Virtual Internet Online Class | Tennessee School District Asks Parents to Sign Waiver That They Will Not Tune in to Online Classes; Sparks Criticism | Featured

A school district in Tennessee has asked parents to sign a form agreeing not to eavesdrop on kids' virtual classes. This move has then caused criticism to the school. According to Fox News, the form is “over concerns they could overhear confidential information.”

Rutherford County Schools later allowed parents to tune in during classes but with permission from the teacher. However, the schools still disallowed parents from recording the classes.

The agreement says it “strongly” discourages “non-student observation of online meetings due to the potential of confidential information about a student being revealed.”

The form does not specifically say if they will also disallow parents sitting in classes there. However, it says a “violation of this agreement may result in RCS removing my child from the virtual meeting.”

“It's ridiculous. It's so hypocritical because they've been data mining our children for years, compliments of common core,” said Laurie Cardoza-Moore, founder of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, on “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

“What are they trying to hide? What is the problem? Why won't they let us sit in?” she said. “Obviously, because they are teaching our children propaganda that they should not be teaching. They are trying to socialize our children.”

A Problem in Education
They have “had a major problem in education,” Cardoza-Moore added. “It happens not just here in Tennessee,” she adds.  She then sats it happens “across the country where they are indoctrinating our children with propaganda.”

“Does that mean somebody from the school district is going to knock on my door and pull my kid out of my home, his virtual classroom?” she continued. “Or is it going to be my tax dollars that fund my child's public education, my child won't get to participate in education because of it?”

In an email to parents, the Rutherford School District said they will continue taking parents’ concerns under advisement, as reported by The Daily Wire.

“We are aware of the concern that has been raised about this distance-learning letter that was sent to parents,” said James Evans, communications director for Rutherford County Schools.

“The intent was not to prevent parents from being involved with their children during distance learning,” the email read. “But it was intended to protect the academic privacy of other students in the classroom who are visible during certain virtual class sessions.”

“We have issued new guidance to principals that parents can assist their children during virtual group lessons with permission of the instructor but should refrain from sharing or recording any information about other students in the classroom,” he added.

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