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Apple Stores Reopen in Some States in the U.S.

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Apple Stores Reopen in Some States in the U.S.

Some U.S. Apple stores are reopening this week. The first one to reopen is in Boise, Idaho. The next ones will be stores in Alaska, Alabama, and South Carolina.

There will be precautions in place to keep employees and customers safe. These include temperature checks, face masks, and social distancing. Apple will only allow a certain number of customers inside the stores, which could cause delays for walk-in customers, the company warned.

“Our new social distance protocol allows for a limited number of visitors in the store at one time so there may be a delay for walk-in customers. We recommend, where possible, customers buy online for contactless delivery or in-store pick up,” Apple said in a statement.

USA Today reported that the majority of Apple’s 271 stores in the U.S. will remain closed.

“Our team is constantly monitoring local health data and government guidance, and as soon as we can safely open our stores, we will,” an Apple spokesperson said last week.

Hours will be shorter than normal once the stores reopen. Shoppers are advised to look up their local store on the Apple website to be guided with store hours.

While the stores will be open for walk-ins, customers can already buy an Apple device online and schedule a time for pickup.

“As local guidance varies around the U.S., there may be slight modifications to our procedures,” Apple said.

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