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Biden Faces Backlash for HIs Promise to Help Hurricane Ida Victims After Leaving Americans in Afghanistan



Biden Faces Backlash for HIs Promise to Help Hurricane Ida Victims After Leaving Americans in Afghanistan-SS-Featured

A former top Trump administration official called out Joe Biden after the president promised that Hurricane Ida victims would not be “left behind.”

On Thursday, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows posted on Twitter that Biden told Ida survivors that they would not get left behind. He said the president’s words would have been comforting if he hadn’t said the exact same statement last week. However, the president didn’t fulfill his promise and left hundreds of U.S. citizens behind in Afghanistan.

Meadows said that whether it was last week or this week, “Biden’s words are empty.”

The former Trump official’s remarks came after the president was also slammed for the deadly and mismanaged U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan after he failed to ensure that all Americans were evacuated from the middle-eastern country first. It happened even though his administration had promised many times that they would get all U.S. citizens out prior to the Taliban-imposed Aug. 31 deadline.

Biden Addresses People Devastated by Hurrican Ida

Biden made his address to the Americans residing along the Gulf Coast, which was where the hurricane had made its landfall.

In his statement, Biden said, “We are here for you.” He also said that he plans on visiting them and that his administration making sure that response and recovery would be equitable so that the people who were hardest hit receive resources they would need and would not be left behind.

According to reports, at least 43 people have died from the destruction caused by historic rains linked to Ida. The said hurricane has caused flooding in northeastern states from Wednesday night to Thursday morning.

Biden also thanked all first responders and everyone pulling all-nighters to save people and get the power back.

The president recognized that Ida did a lot of damage. He said he made it clear to the governors of affected states that his team and the Federal Emergency Management Agency are working on the ground and prepared to provide assistance.

With regards to his botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, many other Republicans also heavily criticized Biden, including several who urged him to resign after he left Americans stranded.

Last month, 10 days prior to the deadline, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said that the government is “duty-bound” to make sure every American citizen gets out of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, he said that they are “honor-bound” to also evacuate the U.S.’s Afghan allies out as well.

Appearing in an interview with Newsmax TV, former President Trump expressed his two cents on the situation. Regarding Biden’s evacuation effort, he said it’s unbelievable how someone could be “so incompetent, stupid.”

He also noted that nothing has been badly handled as the U.S. exit in Afghanistan.

Trump also said that they used to criticize the Biden Administration for the way he was handling the U.S. southern border crisis, but the incident in Afghanistan was on a whole new level.

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