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Florida Posts Record 21,683 COVID Daily Cases



An individual face medical surgical mask on Florida State Flag Background | Florida Posts Record 21,683 COVID Daily Cases | featured

Florida broke its daily cases record for COVID-19 as it reported 21,683 new cases last Friday. This new record exceeds the highest total it achieved even before the availability of COVID vaccines. 

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Florida #1 in COVID Daily Cases

According to federal health data released Saturday, Florida emerged as the top state with COVID-19 infections. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis continues to push for freedoms for Florida residents, resisting efforts to mask mandates and increasing vaccination rates.

Along with the state Legislature, DeSantis also limited local officials’ ability to impose restrictions that can help control the spread of the virus. For example, the Governor barred school districts from requiring students to wear masks when classes resume next month. 

The latest numbers show how quickly the virus is quickly spreading across the state. A day earlier, Florida registered 17,093 new daily cases, by the following day it went up to 21,683. Previously, the highest number of daily cases was 19,334. This happened last January when vaccines were not approved for use. 

409 Deaths This Week

Florida also reported 409 deaths this week. This brings the total state death toll to more than 39,000 since March 2020. The state’s peak occurred last year during August. About 1,266 workers died over a seven-day period. 

DeSantis placed the blame on a seasonal increase. He said that more Floridians stayed indoors because of the hot weather. This made them prone to infection from the virus as the air conditioning continually circulated the virus. At this point, about 60% of Floridians 12 and older have already received their vaccination.

Nearing Last Year’s Peak

Last Friday, the Florida Hospital Association said that statewide COVID-19 hospitalizations are almost identical to last year’s peak numbers. In fact, AdventHealth’s Central Florida Division advised it would no longer be conducting non-emergency surgeries. This rule will free up resources for COVID-19 patients.

Meanwhile, Florida’s theme parks and amusement centers decided to implement mask mandates instead of closing down. Last Saturday, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld began asking visitors to wear masks indoors.

The company also ordered employees to wear face coverings to protect against COVID-19. Employees will also return to practicing social distancing. In addition, the park also requested guests to abide by federal and local health guidelines by voluntarily wearing face coverings indoors. “The health and safety of our guests and team members are always our top priority,” Universal said in a statement.

Disney Also Requiring Masks

Meanwhile, in Orlando, Walt Disney World started requiring employees and guests older than 2 to wear masks beginning Friday. It also announced that all employees and non-union hourly workers will require proof of vaccination.

They will have 60 days to comply with the requirement. In addition, discussions with the workers’ union are ongoing regarding vaccinations. Also, all new hires will need full vaccinations before starting work.  

Watch the 10 Tampa Bay video reporting saying that Florida records highest-ever new COVID-19 case total in a single day, CDC data shows:

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What do you think about Florida’s situation regarding COVID-19 daily cases? Should the state tighten its policies to prevent the spread of the virus?

Share your thoughts about the state of COVID-19 in Florida. Drop your comments below.

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  • Pam says:

    Florida residents NEVER did anything they are and were supposed too. Hence so many cases. It’s been this way since last year when covid started.

  • ruth says:

    The CDC is probably not telling the truth 🙁 it probably wants to punish our Governor and our State for the laxed restrictions!
    Living here 24/7 I have yet to come across ONE person that I know who has Covid.
    I don’t trust a word that comes out of the mouthpieces like the CDC, Fauci or our present administration in DC – the entire world is in turmoil over Covid and demonstrating world-wide.

  • Leslie Bryant says:

    Wonder how many of those are from illegals that have been sent there.

  • Todd Ledford says:

    Where is the data to show what percentage were vaccinated which were unvaccinated and which were previously infected?? The vaccine is not preventing the virus or the spreading of the virus and that seems to be a neglected conversation on any of these media posts

  • Elaine says:

    I invite everyone who is unhappy with how Florida does things to LEAVE and don’t ever come back!
    And all of you considering moving to the sunshine state, DON’T! Even if you’re vaccinated, you might still get Covid!

  • PitBull says:

    I agree with Ruth & LESLIE !! Fck our current administration & the vaccine.

  • Kay says:

    A. The number of “Cases” is not accurately describing how many have C-19 vs. the Flu since the tests have been show to be unable to differentiate and B. If 60% of residents 12 and older (really, 12 year olds are injected?) have received the injection, than likely many of them are getting ill as a result of the reduced number of neutral antibodies (private security of the body) which are part of a healthy immune system and designed to protect from unknowns such as the virus. The injection has been shown to reduce the bodies natural immune system.

  • Lloyd K Vogel says:

    I I don’t believe your covid 19 reporting any more then the cow jumping over the moon. What is the purpose and intention in this lying or lack of knowledge in reporting such trash? God Almighty is going to hold you accountable and responsible. Have you no fear or respect for your creator. Change your dubious ways before judgement day.

  • Billy says:

    Stop sending sick illegal migrant to the state and puting them up in hotels we’re seeing spike becuase the administration is placing these sick illegalls in every city in the country. A million plus already.

  • rottenrollin says:

    So just how many infected illegals has Biden secreted into southern red states under the cover of darkness, like scurrying cockroaches?

    Biden’s Superspreader Event……..POWER CORRUPTS AND BIDEN IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE.

  • The professor says:

    Everybody seems to forget it’s not Covid 19 it’s not the coronavirus it’s the communist Chinese virus it came from Communist China …..and I will say again I have nothing against Chinese people ….it’s the communist government they tried to hide this…. don’t say covid 19 it’s the communist Chinese virus remember that

  • Tom says:

    Quick question…how many of the new cases are of those who are not vaccinated??? If they aren’t vaccinated, then don’t feel sorry for them. They knew the risks.

  • Elaine says:

    I have known some healthcare workers of all ages who got sick, all recovered and all said it was like the real flu.
    The has an in-depth study on factors attributing to death from Covid….OBESITY, diabetes, hypertension ALL sited as BIG factors. Study was on 17million deaths, 17 thousand were directly Covid deaths. Everything else was marred by comorbidities. Covid by itself only killed 17 thousand in a years time. Study was done in UK. Where they don’t have any political interest in influencing a vaccine profit. Look it up.

  • Reaper says:

    Hilarious. People got the flu! OMG!!!!! End of the world!! This is a non-story in fake news. And you morons that are pushing the FAKE “VACCINE” have the most blood on your hands. Wanna die? That’s your decision. Don’t try to push your poison on me and mine.

  • Tweety says:

    How about this Mickey Mouse Administration close the southern border and stop shipping illegals into Florida and many other states that have covid!

  • David says:

    Prob fake numbers. The government often tries to distoet facts about any state not buying into their “science.” Besides, isn’t it obvious to everyone the virus the left, china, fauci created is going to do what it’s goinf to do and no one can do anything about it. The masks don’t help and the “vaccine” doesn’t prevent transmission. Other more honest news, like Europe,Japan, England admits to 60% of their hospitalized are vaccinated. For all of you deranged, shall we celebrate their illness and deaths? Unbelievable.

  • Harry Appleton says:

    This story was nothing but a repeat of the Daily Propaganda Machine that go around calling themselves News Outlets. Just as others posted above the true facts do not back the story. This type of Hyped Up journalism is what the Communist have pushed for the last 100 years. If we as common sense Americans do not hold these propagators of lies and fear mongering accountable in some form or fassion then we will lose our next generation of children to the Communist Party of America.

  • Jacqueline says:

    I have kept track of daily Covid cases for the past year. I have not tracked all of the states, only the ones that had very high number of cases of where I have family members residing. I have been shocked to hear that there have been no restrictions in Florida. Most of the States has seen a very significant drop in the number of new cases, except for Florida. I just don’t understand why the Governor does not impose mask restrictions and social distancing. I realize the vaccine is optional, but it shows how many lives have not been infected. Compare the number of cases, it’s amazingly bad in Florida. I have a vacation planned which departs out of Florida in December. I am concerned about having to even fly into Florida. Why in the world do the leaders in this state not want to encourage their residents to follow some restrictions to save lives. And, yes, I believe the numbers that the CDC posted.

  • Stuart D Wagner says:

    Find as many scapgoats you want, there are many of them.
    The agenda, Population control and management, is what its all about. Who is going to STOP them?

    Thank You CDC, WHO, NIH, Bill Gates, and thousands of corrupt corporations.

    Thier time will soon be coming.

  • BBA says:

    @Jacqueline!! Hey idiot, so you think it is ok for Governors to impose “restrictions” on American citizens even though the real science is showing herd immunity is the way to go and the survival rate having COVID is over 97%?? People like you need to go into their homes, call a brick mason to come brick up all of your doors and windows from the outside leaving one slot for your food and water and never leave your “safe places” again! If you are so goddamned afraid of all of the total horse shit being shoved down our throats then by all means stay your cowardly ass in your dwelling for the rest of your pathetic lives! I am not afraid of COVID in ANY way but I am afraid that idiots like you help push the agenda of being rid of our Free Republic!!

  • Maurice L says:

    As a Black male and Florida resident, I’m greatful for our Governor; He values freedom and our rights as citizens to make choices for ourselves, which I am soo greatful. As for the rise in infections, I know research reports that about 97/98% of those infected with Covid 19 recover, so if you believe you’re in the 2/3% that will have difficulty with it, get vaccinated. As for myself, my family and people I work with, we had covid, our bodies fought it off as it was designed to do, now we all have the antibodies (the natural vaccine).
    Keep up the common sense governing, Governor D!!!
    Greatful Florida Resident

  • Ali says:

    The Dems want to stay in power! They have a strategy to keep this whole thing moving till the 22 election cycle. I worked in a large labor union I recognize the angles.

  • None of you business says:

    Secure the border. Your sending covid infected people everywhere.

  • Dave says:

    Can’t vote in this poll. There is no answer allowed that is the right answer (or something close to it). COVID cases don’t matter; hospitilizations and deaths do. The variants are 10X less deadly for a virus that, although deadly to some, isn’t all that deadly in the grand scheme of things. Certainly not deadly enough to warrent all the damage being done to our society. Follow a few common sense rules, protect the vulnerable as best we can, and get on with life; that’s the answer.

  • Ken says:

    First keep your cool and remember we are a target, this is not the time to panic and if you have not noticed, the open border should be closed now, this has been planned and the media, which I happened to know well from experience has not helped with their scare tactics instead of telling the truth. Close the border shut up the media, listen to our governor because he really does know how to handle this because, the real problem is really not about a disease. The more you talk about it , the worse it will get, and again, who do you all think sent these people to Florida, from the border. Call your congress man or women in Washington and demand to close the border now. Think wellness

  • Military Veteran says:

    This emphasis on #of cases and deaths reminds me of the Vietnam war daily WIA/KIA.
    Washington focuses on vilifying the open states, but does nothing about securing the border and allowing Covid positive illegals to enter. Then they transfer them to other states. I suspect that many of them are relocated to red states, which impacts the numbers.
    Also the definition of how to count cases keep changing.

    Washington do you job and let the governors respond to the desires of their states.

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