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Day 86 and Kamala is Still Ignoring The Growing Border Crisis



Day 86 and Kamala is Still Ignoring The Growing Border Crisis -ss-Featured

Vice President Kamala Harris has been assigned as the White House’s point person for the crisis at the southern border. However, she has not visited the area for 86 days. Apart from that, the situation in the region doesn’t show any signs of improvement.

The Border Patrol agents in Texas managed to catch another human smuggling operation. This most recent one involved 33 illegal migrants staying inside a 100-degree U-Haul van that had no ventilation.

CBP agents discovered the operation over the weekend. It was located outside a McDonald’s branch in Van Horn, Texas.

Big Bend Sector Chief Sean McGoffin of Border patrol said that if “our heroic agents” weren't able to free the trapped illegal migrants, 33 deaths may have occurred. He added that smugglers do not care how difficult and treacherous the journey is for people. They only care about money.

Those who criticize Harris say she wants to avoid the border due to very clear reasons. The border crisis is an issue that’s hard to solve. Given that she’s the point person of the administration of the crisis, she will have failed the most important task given to her.

The White House insists that she aims to focus on addressing the root cause of the issues. She also wants to work with the countries where migrants are primarily from, to stop corruption and to aid them in terms of the economy.
If she successfully scores a diplomatic breakthrough with countries like Honduras and Guatemala, she can put the blame on them if a stalemate happens.

In an interview last week, the vice president told Univision that she plans on visiting the southern border but failed to give a date.

In light of this issue, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz offered his two cents on the matter. He blames the worst immigration crisis that the U.S. is facing on Biden and Harris. He said that it came about when the Biden Administration rolled back three key Trump-era policies. First, he cited the stopping of the border wall construction. He then noted the reinstitution of the “catch-and-release” policy, which is ineffective. Lastly, he cited the rescinding of the “remain in Mexico” policy. He said that the said policy was working, yet the current administration rolled it back.

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