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Democrats’ Denial of Societal Norms is Obvious to Voters



2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden | Democrats’ Denial of Societal Norms is Obvious to Voters | Featured

The Democrats and their media enablers clearly have nothing but disdain and contempt for Donald Trump and anyone who supports him.

Can we all be honest about that? The Democrats have really shown who they are in the last four years. Impeachment, a solemn and serious matter has now become the Democrats' default in their arsenal whenever they are not getting their way.

The Republican party has the majority in the Senate and of course the White House. Every four years we vote for president as well as Senate, Congress and local seats. This Democratic Party is obviously aided by such liberal outlets as MSNBC, CNN, The Atlantic, The New York Times and on and on and on have been so dishonest the last four years, its very sad to say the least.

President Trump Delivers Remarks | Democrats’ Denial of Societal Norms is Obvious to Voters

I for one, certainly wish President Trump had more of a filter, however I would argue that if you were attacked daily for four years, would you not be as defensive as he is? We have a national political party actively threatening the American people through their inaction with violent rioting which they have insisted is “mostly peaceful” while buildings are ablaze behind reporters.

To use Joe Biden‘s words, “Come on Man.” Do the Democrats honestly believe the American voter is this ignorant. A recent letter by Kerry Castonguay (9/21) stated falsely in that Trump has “put innocent toddlers in cages.” Mr Castonguay is clearly part of the machine which continues to perpetuate deceit on the American voter. The children in cages has been proven to be from the Obama era. So, to use Joe Biden's words once again, “Come on Man!” The Democrats are desperate and recycling old lies and hoping that you will vote emotionally and put Biden and his handlers in the White House.

Jeff Conway


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