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First Twitter, Now Facebook Censoring Pro-Trump Groups



President Donald Trump Supporters Holding Up A Signs | First Twitter, Now Facebook Censoring Pro-Trump Groups | Featured

First, it was Twitter, now it’s Facebook censoring pro-Trump groups. On Thursday, the social media platform Facebook removed a viral group called “Stop the Steal.” Charging that “Democrats are scheming to disenfranchise and nullify Republican votes,” the group signed 350,000 members in one day.

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In a statement, Facebook said that “In line with the exceptional measures that we are taking during this period of heightened tension, we have removed the Group ‘Stop the Steal’ which was creating real-world events. The group was organized around the delegitimization of the election process, and we saw worrying calls for violence from members of the group.”

Facebook’s faster-than-usual action against StS seemed unusual. This raised questions about its ability to moderate the content. Can Facebook stay consistent and transparent across all groups?

Stop the Steal

“Stop the Steal” was a movement established by a right-wing group Women for America First. The group operators include Tea Party activist Amy Kremer. Moderators Jennifer Lawrence and Dustin Stockton come from the “We Build the Wall” group. A website calls for “boots on the ground to protect the integrity of the vote.” It also asks for visitors' email addresses and receives donations.

Election day gave the group its national exposure. A quarter of a million interactions happened during November 3 and 4. This is according to Facebook analytics software CrowdTangle. Most posts called for prayers for Donald Trump. Some posts shared inaccurate information about the elections and counting updates.

Call for Action

As the count went on, Stop the Steal began promoting events in cities all over the country. Facebook took down some of the event pages, but some managed to stay up. Groups organized local protests in areas with ongoing ballot counting.

Trump supporters visited and chanted“stop the count” at a Detroit voting center. Conservative voters also gathered at an election site in Phoenix. A Detroit protester said he went to the center after responding to a Facebook page “Stand Up Michigan.” Facebook removed the page soon after.

A “Stop The Steal, Harrisburg, PA” event happened before Facebook took down the local event page. Based on posted pictures and videos, the protest consisted of a small crowd. Among the participants were women and children peacefully gathered at the State Capitol. They were seen listening to speeches and holding “Stop the Steal” signs.


Facebook’s takedown of Stop the Steal is part of its proactive policy. A spokesman said that their action was “in line with the exceptional measures that we are taking during this period of heightened tension. The group was organized around the delegitimization of the election process, and we saw worrying calls for violence from some members of the group.”

Soon as Facebook removed the Stop the Steal pages, other similar pages appeared. Many switched to private to avoid detection. Others asked supporters to use right-wing platforms such as Parler or MeWe.

Selective Action

Facebook Homepage | First Twitter, Now Facebook Censoring Pro-Trump Groups

Facebook’s swift takedown of Stop the Steal is different from its earlier methods. It took months before the platform made moves to limit access to the “boogaloo” movement and QAnon. It took time before Facebook shut down both groups' pages. In both cases, the company feared they were inciting violence and spreading misinformation.

The inconsistency around Facebook’s content moderation policies drew quick criticism.  in the field and digital rights advocates. While Stop the Steal has its share of extremist members, most are ordinary people. Stockton said that there are plenty of posts with “common political hyperbole.” But, he didn’t see any calls for violent action. By shutting down these groups, Facebook might create more problems. Stockton said Facebook can “marginalize and radicalize already strained people in a way that causes real damage.”

Kremer agrees. She said, “It is absolutely beyond the pale that Facebook would selectively choose to shut down our group.” She said that Facebook is “selectively enforcing their new rules to silence conservatives.”

Outsiders Weigh In

Evelyn Douek, Harvard lecturer on online speech regulation, says social media should be more transparent. She said that “It really matters that platforms should be as clear in advance about their policies and consistent in their application. That helps fend off charges that any decisions are politically motivated or biased, and gives us a lever to pull for accountability that isn’t purely about who can get the most public attention or generate public outrage.”

Evan Green, deputy director of the organization Fight for the Future, agreed. She said Facebook may be setting “an extremely dangerous precedent”. Green tweeted: “Are people not allowed to form a group on Facebook to discuss if they truly believe their government is engaged in electoral misconduct? How does this play out globally?”

Facebook Might Be Overeager

Why Facebook seemed overeager to shut down a conservative group is the question. Every social media group has its shares of hotheads and reactionaries. But, that doesn't mean all members are hotheads as well. As seen on documented Stop the Steal events, assemblies were generally peaceful. Is Facebook censoring pro-Trump groups because they’re trying to appease the other side?

Watch this as The Sun reports on Stop the steal' & ‘count the vote’ demos across the US on November 6:

Do you agree with Facebook’s decision to shut down Stop the Steal? Tell us what you think and share your experiences in the comments section below.

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Do you agree with Facebook censoring pro-Trump groups like Stop the Steal? Tell us what you think and share your experiences in the comments section below.


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  • Laura Krawczak says:

    The Dems are stealing the election period!

  • Waldon Dufault says:

    Democrats or Republicans cannot steal an election and there is no proof of anything illegal having happened in the 2020.

  • Caryn gaastra says:

    Dems hate trump so much Pelosi said she would use every arrow in their quiver
    Whose to say election sabotage isn’t one of them. As for Facebook and tweeter I always thought they were outlets for thoughts right or wrong. So I can’t understand why this censorship has been going on.

  • DMC says:

    Voters in Nevada said when they went to vote that someone had already voted for her and she was not allowed to cast her vote. 2. PA poll watcher was not allowed access into the polling place in which he showed he had access too. Later they apologized saying they made a mistake. Too late now all the phony mail ion votes were counted. 18 mail in ballots sent to one person at the same address? Covering windows with sheets of paper so no one can see in. What are they hiding? There is plenty of evidence of fraud here. Dems have been trying to take down this President with all the phony Russian hoax, Ukraine phonecall, spying on his campaign. And they couldn’t take him dow with all these tactics now they result to phony mail in ballots. Disgraceful Democrats full of hate for this man it is sickening that they would go this length to steal the election..

  • Connie Hill says:

    Dems are thieves they have proven how they will cheat, lie, steal, do anything imaginable to help themselves at the expense of anyone NOT in their selected group. Including their own blood if they did not follow along with their illegal deceitfulness!!!

  • Rick hayes says:

    Face book and Twitter need to stay out of it and let people be heard. The Democratic Party is a disgrace to this country. They will do anything for the power including hurting the people for it. Pelosie proved that stopping the stimulus that people need. I would be ashamed being part of that party right now. I can’t believe Biden voters are so blind to the difference in the party’s. There giving up their lives and their kids and grandkids world because of just hating someone. Trump is loose at the mouth and can be a ass but his records can’t be beat.

  • Anonymous says:

    Investigate it brother there is all kinds of proof right now

  • Anonymous says:

    We witnessed voter fraud in Travis County TX. Registering voters without asking for ID’s. There was also no showing of ID’s while voting as I served as a clerk all day long. Yes, there was voter fraud. When I called to report it, they reprimanded me and wanted my personal information. To shut me up.

  • Billy Wilson says:

    Fine them billions for 1st amendment rights.

  • Mike Edgar says:

    Facebook and Twitter are censoring free speech. They have become the free speech police. They live by the mantra, We only allow on our sites what WE believe to be true. There is no longer any room in our society for free civil discourse. They (the left) have the control, and it’s there way or no way. So they censure whomever they disgaree with. This will get worse. This is exactly like the PRAVDA news sources in the Soviet Union. What the democrats have done is allowed mail in or absentee ballots to be handled like junk mail. AFTER MAILING THEM OUT, they community organized, AND HARVESTED VOTES BY GOING TO OLD AGE HOMES, INNER-CITY NEIGHBORHOODS, AND DEMENTIA CENTERS. THEY COLLECTED THE VOTES CAST FOR BIDEN. SIMPLE BUT VERY EFFECTIVE.THEN THEY DUMPED THRM THEM.

  • Anonymous says:

    To Anonymous who was a clerk and witnessed the voter fraud, call FOX News and tell them about it. I know it’s scary to speak up, it shouldn’t be, but what if most of the other voting location were done the same way… regret will set in when a new sitting President and his cabinet change this country for the worse. It’s too late then. Make your voice be heard!

  • Mike says:

    Fake book is a communist shit hook operation they and Twitter must be importing censors straight from China Biden and his communist handlers are trying to steal the election arm your self it’s coming

  • Peter Luciano says:

    When censorship begins in America by shutting down free press by social media…that is offensive to all. We, the people have the right to protect peacefully.
    The democrats own the media and it is their way of trying to have a Monarchy in this country.

    This is in GOD’s control…and all righteous will prevail….God says so!

  • Stephen hollars says:

    Democratic party is the most corrupt ever. They’ve screwed themselves midterms Republicans will take the house and i 4 years the presidency again. Democrats corruption will be ended.

  • Jim Evans says:

    People should start fileing lawsuits against all social media sites , who are against Freedom Of Speech

  • Sarge says:

    there is no First Amendment with Facebook. If they don’t like anything you say they kick you off. If they deem something is incorrect they take it off and throw you off. It doesn’t matter that it is correct or not. I posted something that was factual. You could look it up in any encyclopedia. They said it was not factual took it off and put me in Facebook jail for 30 days. When you hold all the keys to the Kingdom you can do damn well anything you want to. Somebody needs to regulate them and introduced them to the 1st amendment. They say you can’t post this that are thus but they’re letting soft pornography post every day. So their standards are double standards.

  • Ken says:

    That’s a good idea!

  • AD Roberts says:

    Zuckerberg can’t help himself. He just can’t tolerate any conservative saying anything he does not like time to take his company away from him.

  • AD Roberts says:

    Across the nation, they ARE stealing the election. Same way that Brenda Snipes stole elections in Broward County Florida. Find out how many votes you need. Go and manufacture those votes. Deliver them in a big old truck.

  • Gerald Woods says:

    The Media and big tech are all part of the BIG SWAMP. If there was ever a doubt about the swamp, they erased all doubt on this election. We have to prepare to take our government back. Whatever it takes, we have to fight both foreign and DOMESTIC terrorists. That’s why we have a Constitution, and it becomes our duty to take back the government.

  • Lisa says:

    Facebook is acting like communist, censoring posts, silencing voices. Is there not some kind of regulation to prevent them from doing that. Too much power running rampant destroying the Constitution and our rights.

  • jack strickland says:

    Let Facebook do whatever they want to do. Anyone using Facebook needs all the help they can get. Don’t use Facebook, end of problem.

  • Deez2nuts says:

    He lost. Suck it up buttercups!!! 😄 🤣 😂 Hahaha!! The devil has been defeated. Thank you white Jesus!!!

  • D Broz says:

    Wait & see! EVERYONE knew this was coming from the low-life, lying & cheating dems. Feel sorry for them, ONLY way they can win!!!! Heard of the sting coming 10 days after election, fake results announced????? Heard of water-proof stamps on each ballot??????New results coming!!!!!!!!

  • Q 2 says:

    Wake up people the only thing Facebook and Twitter knows is money you need to learn that everybody start using parlor and all businesses that advertise with Twitter in Facebook you do a nationwide boycott on their asses until those Advertiser no longer use Facebook and Twitter for their advertisement

  • Herman Verdonck says:

    The Democrats are trying to steal the election and Facebook, Twitter, Soros, CNN…fake news are all involved! China has got their hands into this with the dems!

  • Amado Benavidez says:

    Trump Clearly won This Election They are stealing this election

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