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Former Vice President Pence Criticizes the 2020 Election



Former Vice President Mike Pence-Former Vice President Pence Criticizes the 2020 Election-ss-Featured

For the first time since leaving his office, former Vice President Mike Pence criticized last year’s election in an op-ed published on Wednesday.

In an op-ed on the Daily Signal, Pence claimed that “significant voting irregularities were present during the 2020 election. He also said there “instances of officials setting aside state election law” happened several times.

On January 6, Pence was one of the targets of some people in the mob that siege the Capitol Building. Regarding this, he said that event robbed the American people of a “substantive discussion” that should have taken place in Congress on the topic of election integrity in the country.

The main topic of Pence’s op-ed, however, is H.R. 1, which is a bill regarding voting rights. The House plans to pass this legislation on Wednesday. However, Pence says it would only allow for more opportunities to commit electoral fraud.

After the 2020 presidential election, former President Donald Trump, along with his allies, has claimed multiple times that fraud had caused him to lose against Biden. Although, state officials in areas considered as battleground states have rejected these ideas. Courts, including the Supreme court, also rejected this idea.

Even the Department of Justice, which was still under Trump’s administration, failed to find evidence of fraud in the presidential election that is serious enough to alter results in any of the questioned states.

These claims of election fraud can be considered a major issue that drove the mob to riot at the Capitol in January. The event endangered the lives of lawmakers in Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, including Pence, as well as everyone working in the building. The said event claimed the lives of five people.

Pence: New Bill to Allow More Instances of Election Fraud

In his op-ed, pence argued that the provisions included in the voting rights bill would step over the First Amendment. He said it will “further erode” the people’s trust in the electoral system. Pence also said it will “forever dilute the votes” of every legally qualified voter.

Democrat lawmakers introduced the said bill. It aims to expand the people’s ability to vote by mail. The bill also requires the establishment of electronic voter legislation in states. Additionally, it would also let the Department of Justice have more authority to enforce voter rights.

The Biden administration has expressed support for the bill. It even cited Trump’s efforts to overturn the results. In a statement, the White House said the new bill is necessary to protect a person’s right to vote and to keep the integrity of the election.

Pence’s op-ed contains the former Vice President’s most extensive commentary since he left his position on Jan. 20. Apart from posting on Twitter, he has remained silent publicly after Biden’s inauguration.

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  • Sandy Harvey says:

    A day too late and a dollar too short. Did not take the opportunity to correct the corruption when Pence had the chance.

  • M franco says:

    Let’s start with the facts Trump is and will never be perfect what an ASSHOLE!!!!

  • Jude says:

    Pence is a treasonous b*****d regardless of what he says or writes. He was part of a coup that had plans to keep President Trump from ever taking the oath of office in Jan 2017. He us not the only swamp rat in D.C. nor Congress that was in the middle of this. I never could stand him nor hus goofy holier than thou wife. They both hated the Trumps and still do.


    Pence stabbed trump in the back, so I do not trust him anymore. We all know there was fraud, and the Democrats just want to smooth the way for more of the same. Their goal, never have any Republican ever elected again. Sadly, a large part of Americans are too blind to see this. We are rapidly approaching a dictatorship.

  • Nicole says:


  • P.Powers says:

    has anyone figured out that President Trump is no longer in office The Dems have burned cities for the summer, we are now letting all illegals in the country which by the way 100 of them have tested positive for COVID and that is only the ones we could test before they were released so they can become super spreaders, and Dr. Seaus is a racist you all have the congress half of the Senate, and last but not least the Presidency, but alls he can due is write executive orders, does not trust his team to pass a bill, get a life really folks.

  • Sue says:

    January 6th at the Capitol did not claim five lives! Stop the lies and fake news.

  • Tony Barreda says:

    Excuse me, barf barf. Trump is in a league of his as the WORST PRESIDENT EVER. He sided with the Nazis, he sided with the wanna, he sided with the proud boys and he sided with every supremist in the Country. His zero react against the COVID led to thousands of American deaths and millions infected. He cut the taxes of billionaires and he attacked anyone that had the good intentions for our Country. Also confirmed, he also cheats at golf

  • Debra Liberg says:

    President Trump will figure out something. One thing he’s good at is undermining his enemies. He was a little too trusting. Pence was a good VP. He was in a bad position. The one we should be angry at is Pelosi. I still say she planned that whole riot. They are preparing the guard for tomorrow. I am angry at Pence, wouldn’t trust him but he spent 4 years helping the President. They accomplished a lot, together.

  • Cat kin says:

    You listen to Cnn. Try a station that gives it both ways. You demos are so brainwashed. Look at the mess biden has us in in one month.

  • Jack says:

    Yeah, where the F were you in Jan 6 Pence? You stabbed Trump and Americans in the back! If you had a spine you could of been an American hero for stopping this illegal and foreign Coup. Now, your just a yellowbelly back stabber!

  • Jack says:

    Yeah, where the F were you in Jan 6 Pence? You stabbed Trump and Americans in the back! If you had a spine you could of been an American hero for stopping this illegal and foreign Coup. Now, you’re just a yellowbelly back stabber!

  • Demfakes says:

    President Trump was still speaking when the riot started. It would take 45 minutes to get to the Capitol at the end of his speech. Democrats and their minions(antifa and BLM, which has nothing to do with Blacks) planned the riot dressed in Trump gear. Of course the wicked mainstream media will never tell the truth about the riot. Trump won the election by at least 10 million votes probably closer to 20. Democrats cheated in every way possible with lower judges all the way to the Supreme Court doing nothing. Chief Justice Roberts(Obama’s minion) yelling at the other justices claiming the democrats would riot if they took the case-the new 3 justices caved instead of standing up and doing what’s right-stop the blatant obvious cheating!!! Democrats, ccp, mainstream media, big tech, rinos, many businesses in bed w/ccp, Iran are all in collusion w/stealing the election. The vast majority of Americans know this is true. Why else does Biden have the capitol building w/razor wire and the national guard there protecting when nobody’s around. Democrats can’t win unless they cheat and we all know it!!!

  • Phyllis Poole says:

    This is the devil at work! Do you believe in a hereafter? Read the Old Testament and you will see a correlation, just different people and different ways of war! This IS a war we’re in! Good people against the devils army.

  • Demfakes says:

    I should have said BLM has nothing to do with helping Black people!!! Using them like the democrats have done forever and others to feign or act like it is to help them when it’s only to help the democrats and ccp take over America. Look at the public schools lying to the kids telling them socialism is great and capitalism is evil. The truth is the exact opposite. CCP wouldn’t be anything w/o stealing whatever they could from capitalist America!!! Democrats and ccp are both thieves and this is why they are in bed together!!!

  • Richard Agne says:

    We all know Schumer and Pelosi were behind the riots on Jan 6. They paid to ship in The Antifa and BLM goons and dress them as Trump supporters. And it is caught on video Capitol police letting the goons through the barriers even yelling GO Go Go!!!!

  • Janice Smather says:

    A bit late for you to have a speaking part after 4 years! What a wimp! Your time is up, be quiet. You are good at that!

  • schu says:

    All Oence could have done, but failed. was to send the bogus electoral votes back to a couple three legislatures demanding they correct their illegal certification by the courts. They had two weeks to get it right!!!! What a loss that continues to disillusion and pain stalwarts like myself.
    Trump had tens of thousands at all of his rallies with. Biden at best a couple hundred. What a crying shame! I cannot take nearly four years of the Satan in the WH! and his minion the anti American anti woman Harris

  • John Cabral says:

    These states that claim no fraud had counties that reported anywhere from 103% to 130% over votes ( more votes cast than registered voters ) but hey! Nothing to look at here. Fact is we all seen the video’s ,all the eye witnesses affidavits , all the forensic evidence. Bottom line Scotus and Chief Justice Roberts allowed this catastrophe in a unprecedented rejection of eighteen states that filed suits. What a travesty for this country and the rule of law.

  • David Earl Taylor says:

    To me,
    it’s like there is no hope left in America, since Bidden is in. If it were not for God and our Lord Jesus Christ, life would not be worth living, here in the USA.

  • Leslie Henderson says:

    I’m reading that “BNA” is stating in this article that fraud was not found.

  • Jim Hall says:

    For the record, the FBI, or any agency of the federal government has not made any significant effort to investigate election or voter fraud. Nor did the supposed watchdogs of the public interest, the news media. Nor has Congress to this day shown any interest in doing anything about any voter fraud or irregularities, except the Democrats’ effort of introducing HR 1 in the House in an attempt to perpetuate such political perversions. And at the state level, the Democrats have fought tooth and tell to prevent honest re-counts and audits. Some people might even think the Congress, FBI and Democrats are in cahoots and have something to hide. Count me as one. Jim Hall

  • Nancy says:

    Where were you when we needed you to be behind President Trump? You are to late, go live in your utopian world with the dems. Leave US America alone. You seem to be pretty good at that Mr. smoke and mirrors.

  • H. Simpson says:

    Outright acts of fraud were displayed during 2 days of hearings, only shown on OAN. Just one case was sufficient in magnitude to overturn the election, and there were many more. If the ‘shoe were on the other foot’, what happened on Jan.6th would have looked like childsplay…a huge expansion of the riots the left has been promoting and engaging in for over a year, using Floyd as a false front.

  • Bob says:

    Say what you will. Biden is the first Loser president since day one. The moral majority voted for America. We will not be silenced! Oh by the way Joe you might want to read some of the contracts you’ve been running out of ink on. Did you see the one about your soul? I will pray for you.

  • Bob says:

    Oh I forgot, to all the unbelievers out there. I pray for you too.

  • ROBERT A. ABADIE says:


  • Leslie Bryant says:

    First Trump cut off travel when all the democrats were hollering not to and then when it still spread it turned into he didnt do it quick enough. Also 2 of the officers who they claim to be victims of the january 6th incident commited suicide & the other 1 was not hit in the head per his mother & brother. his brother received texts from him after it was over saying he got pepper sprayed twice but other than that was fine. His mother believes he died of a stroke.

  • Jameson says:

    Pence has shown he is a mealy mouth,self absorbed,yellow-belly,rhino coward. He turned on Trump to distance himself rather than stand up for the truth. Now he realizes his cowardice may impact his pathetic career so he is whining a different tune. McConnell is cast in the same mold.
    But they will both find a comfortable bed in the liberal left, rats nest.

  • Leslie Bryant says:

    I dont know how you truthfully say there was not enough fraud to over turn the election when there hasnt been good enough investigations done & scotus refuses to hear the cases and you have people swearing out affidavits saying they saw fraud under penalty of perjury which can cause you to get jail time if you are found guilty of lying.

  • Jim Klimaski says:

    Just because he said it, doesn’t mean we have to believe it. I there were irregularities in the 2020 election Be specific – where , when and how. Number of votes lost or added, who did it, how did a candidate benefit. Proof. proof. Sixty plus court cases filed claiming fraud. All lost.Biden got seven more votes than Trump. Just repeating a lie does not make it true, but as Hitler and the Nazis demonstrated, if you repeat a lie over and over, people believe it is the truth. That is what Trump and his minions are trying to do. Trump studied how Hitler did it and he is trying to do it here in the U.S. Hope we are smarter than the Germans.

  • Hipster Doofus says:

    Tony – This is what happens when you keep sticking your head into the Stupid Machine. Reach out and turn it off and you can probably get back to making your own meals without the help of a nurse.

    We want to help you.

  • ct says:

    Have some people lot their mind? Pence a person with morals and character. It is unfair to call him a traitor having no legal reason to change a vote. Trump’s rigged percentage counters say he is the leader of the Republican Party. I, assume the poll was taken using a 100 of Trump’s supporters. Considering each state the approval rating reporter says he is not much of a person and is destroying the Republican {arty. Trump in his day could never be a Pence. A person who should have the respect from all.

  • ct says:

    Trump’s PR firms are trying hard to sell Trump. They are working hard for the Money.

  • Jameson says:

    CT: Pence is a charlatan, a fraud, and a hypocritical slug who portrays himself to have high morals and character. Your right about one thing, Trump could never be a pence. Oh yes, true, some people have lost their mind, and common sence.

  • William B says:

    Never stood up for Americans ! When it came down to it you proved that you are just another creature of the swamp

  • Hatman1793 says:

    A decent VP, Pence played his hand straight up & true at the Electoral College count. Unfortunately the other players were cheating. When given the opportunity to call out the cheaters, Pence folded.
    Pence coulda stopped the cheaters charade & sent the EC count back to the States for re-certifcation. So at the moment of truth, & loyalty, again, he folded.
    In 2024 he has no chance for the nomination, and when T45 wins the nomination, Pence will not be VP again.

  • Mary says:

    You are spot on Demfakes!!! And yes Phyllis..Just like the Old Testament.. history does keep repeating itself..When are we ever going to learn?! ugh!
    I also was surprised and disappointed In Vice Pres Pence but he did keep his oath and stood faithfully supporting President Trump..that’s more than I can say for this administration now! Ugh! But for me.. I will be voting for Pres Trump again and for the faithful Republicans. Nation Day of Pray is tomorrow.. So let’s start praying real hard for a miracle cause we sure need one!

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