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Panera Bread Looks to Be the Netflix Version of Casual Restaurants

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Panera Bread Looks to Be the Netflix Version of Casual Restaurants

Panera Bread possibly sees a future of weekly food at your doorstep or on-demand. This is based on the success of its newly introduced coffee plan.

Panera’s chief brand and concept officer Eduardo Luz said, “You just turn on Netflix and it’s there. And what’s our version of that? What kind of services or categories would be of interest?”

In an interview with Adweek, Luz also said becoming the Netflix of fast-casual eateries “makes a lot of sense.”

The “Netflix” of Restaurants?

Back in March, Panera Bread launched a coffee subscription service. This service lets you receive unlimited hot coffee, iced coffee, and hot tea for $8.99 a month.

“For $8.99 a month with Panera’s new coffee subscription program, get unlimited hot or iced coffee for less than the average price of five cups at the St. Louis-based fast-casual chain. One cup daily in a 30-day month averages around 30 cents a cup,” USA Today said in a February report.

According to Panera CEO Niren Chaudhary, the idea is “to disrupt the industry with a program unlike any others,” as reported by USA Today.

“There are no ifs and buts, this is truly unlimited access to coffee for a monthly subscription of $8.99,” Chaudhary also mentioned.

Fox Business reported that more than 800,000 people have opted into Panera’s coffee subscription as of the week ending July 18th.

Panera is reportedly looking into new services to help its customers who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This includes a subscription service that will help parents feed their children in preparation for potential school cancellations, reported Fox Business.

“When fall comes, schools will be disrupted with this crisis,” Luz then mentio. He also added that in some cases, classes in schools will not resume.

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