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Rand Paul Shuts Baseless Fauci Down at Senate Hearing



Rand Paul Shuts Baseless Fauci Down at Senate Hearing-ss-Featured

During a Senate hearing on Tuesday, Sen. Rand Paul once again grilled Antony Fauci.

The senator from Kentucky previously warned the doctor regarding the criminal implications of lying to congress prior to asking Fauci about the evidence. The said pieces of evidence indicated that the NIAID did fund “gain of function” research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. The said institute, some people believe, may be the source of COVID-19.

Paul pointed out that the last time Fauci went to the committee hearing (May 11th), the doctor said NIH never funded gain of function research at the said institute. However, the senator continued, that one such study was done by Dr. Shi at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and it was funded by the NIH.

Paul then added the study’s title into record, which is “Discovery of a rich gene pool of bat SARS-related coronaviruses.”

Following this, he asked for Fauci to be sent a copy of the paper.

Furthermore, the Kentucky senator pointed out that Dr. Shi gave credit to the NIH. Shi also indicated the actual number of the grant NIH gave in the paper.

Paul then described the nature of the study Dr. Shi conducted. In the study, she took two coronavirus genes from bats, spike genes, and combined them with a SARS-related backbone, creating new, artificial viruses. It was then shown to replicate in humans.

The senator then pointed out that such research falls under the “gain of function category. However, he pointed out that the NIH failed to see this and that the research never came under scrutiny.

Rand Paul then asked if Fauci would like to retract his statement.

Rand Paul Points Out Inconsistency in Evidence and the Statement Fauci Made Previously

To this, Fauci answered that he has never lied to Congres and that he will not retract his statement. He explained that qualified staff members from all levels judged the paper Paul pointed out and all of them deemed it outside “gain of function.”

Paul decided to interject, but Fauci burst out to let him finish his explanation.

Fauci said that increasing an animal virus’ transmissibility to humans doesn’t fall under gain of function. The doctor then pointed out that Paul didn’t know what he was talking about.

Paul then argued that he based this on the NIH’s definition of gain of function research. When Fauci still said that the journal article doesn’t fall under the said category, Paul accused Fauci of “dancing around this” as the doctor tries to “obscure responsibility” for everyone suffering because of the pandemic.

Fauci Erupts in Attempt to Explain Himself

Fauci then objected, saying he resented the lie Paul tried to propagate. The doctor pointed out that if given a second glance, the results would be “molecularly impossible” if the viruses used in the experiments were actually the ones used in the annual report.

Paul then backpedaled, saying the viruses did not cause it. He said what they were alleging is that the study is a gain of function research that NIH funded.

The senator accused Fauci of “obfuscating truth,” to which the doctor took offense. He, instead, returned it to Paul, saying the senator was the one “obfuscating truth” before someone said Paul’s time expired. With that, Fauci was given time to respond.

Fauci then mentioned that he wants everyone to understand that it would be “molecularly impossible to result in SARS-CoV-2” if the viruses mentioned in the report are the ones used in the experiment.

Once again, Paul interjected, saying they were not talking about the viruses but instead the nature of the study being gain of function.

Fauci then asked Paul if he was saying the NIH was responsible for the COVID-19 deaths. To this, Paul responded, “It could have been.”

Given that response, Fauci exclaimed that he resented what Paul said. He added that “if anybody is lying here, senator, it is you!”

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