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Pence Vs Kaine VP Head To Head



Rundown Of The VP Debate, see more at:
Rundown Of The VP Debate (Image: MGN)

Everyone is interested to see if the VP debate will go relatively the same way as the Presidential debate. On the other hand, the majority of the people probably won’t watch the VP debate. You tend to root for the Quarterback, not the Wide Reciever if you know what I mean. That being said, this debate is still important and both candidates go into it facing different things.

Mike Pence, thus far, has acted as a mediator for Trump and the people. He has done a great job reiterating the meanings behind Trump’s statements and has so far held tight to the Presidential nominee’s messages. He has been the rock to Trump’s campaign. We will see if he can keep that grounded presence during the debate.

Tim Kaine, however, has been eclipsed by the presence of Hillary Clinton. That is not necessarily his fault, but it has been the case. This is going to be the moment where Kaine can actually spread his wings and show the United States what his principles are. He will need to come out of the gate strong to win the favor of the crowd.


Mike Pence has a few things going for him but the major support comes from the Republican party. The leaders of the Republican party love Mike Pence. His strong Republican values are going to come in handy in this kind of a debate.

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I have a feeling that a major point of his debate is going to center around the 2nd Amendment and gun control.  He has continued to be an advocate for gun rights and it could be the thing that sets him ahead of his opponent.

Pence might also be able to smooth out the edges of Trump’s immigration plan. Yes, I’m talking about his wall. Although, a majority of people are fond of the idea, many are skeptical of its success. I mean, if you look back on the history of ‘walls’ in the world, they aren’t that great. The Berlin Wall, for example. Yet, if he can find a way to get people behind Trump’s immigration plans he might have a fighting chance.


Tim Kaine has a little more of an advantage than Mike Pence does. Hillary Clinton is unliked, just as Trump is, but she is unliked for personal reasons. Where Trump is unliked because his brash policies threaten the common politics that the world has grown accustomed too, Hillary is unliked because of her record. That means, that if Kaine can focus on Hillary’s policies, which the majority of voters like, he might have a fighting chance.

The number one thing that Kaine is going to bring to Hillary’s campaign is charm. Hillary Clinton isn’t the most likable candidate. She doesn’t bring much charm, personality, or likability. If Kaine can bring out the twinkle in his eye, he might bring some much-needed personality to Hillary’s campaign. Remember, Trump may not be everyone’s favorite, but his rallies are always packed. Everyone wants to hear what Trump will say next. The low attendance records for Hillary’s rallies stem from her lack of personality.


Kaine will fall behind if Pence brings up the topic of gun control because Hillary’s stance is so set on controlling gun’s in America. If Pence doesn’t bring up gun control, Kaine will be saved.

I also have a feeling that Kaine will try to use Trump against Pence. Pence has been known to say things that don’t fit “neatly” in line with Trump’s views on politics. I have a hunch that Kaine will use that against Pence to wedge a kernel of disbelief into the voters. He will make them question what Pence’s true motives are as Vice President.

Overall, both candidates seem to be mild and have good heads on their shoulders. I can imagine that this debate will be less flashy than the last. Yet, we might just finally get to know the Vice Presidents behind our two Presidential candidates.

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