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Starbucks Enhances Corporate Workforce Diversity with New Goals

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Starbucks Enhances Corporate Workforce Diversity with New Goals

Starbucks is working to be more transparent in its commitment to being more inclusive in terms of workforce diversity.

On Wednesday, the company announced its plan to start a mentorship program that would pilot outreach workers in its cafes. It also tries to tie “team diversity to executive compensation as part of its broader plan to step up its commitment to inclusion and become a more diverse company,” CNBC reported.

The company aims to have employees who identify as Black, Indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC) represent at least 30% of workers at all corporate levels by 2025. It also aims to have people of color represent at least 40% of retail and manufacturing roles by then.

“We hope that we can influence other companies to follow our leadership or join in as well,” said Chief Operating Officer Roz Brewer.

According to Fox Business, Starbucks plans to roll out an analytics tool. It will identify the company’s current representation of diversity.

Additionally, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson wrote a letter to partners (employees). In it, he said: “We have a responsibility to build bridges and create environments where all are welcome. Our journey continues as we are guided by intentionality, transparency and accountability.”

Fox Business also explained that the new goals come as nationwide protests brought systemic racism in the spotlight.

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