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The Weekend Review (Image: MGN)

We here at Bill of Rights know that you're busy over the weekends and can miss out on some of the news. Plus it's not like you can trust CNN to get you an honest look?  So we are introducing our new Weekend Review. We may not go into great detail, but at least you will get a glimpse into some of the stories that you missed while you're busy enjoying the weekend.


Email's and scandal are two words that seem to follow Hillary wherever she goes. It seems that the Hillary campaign's new tactic against Trump is claiming that he is working with the Russians against her. Yes, Russia (WikiLeaks) did release some embarrassing DNC emails…but Hillary I hardly doubt Trump had anything to do with it. You would think that Hillary would learn her lesson with emails, but apparently, that is hopeful thinking. Of course, Trump is basking in the insanity of the possibility and enjoying himself with the joke of the idea.


I know it's sad…but say goodbye to Yahoo. Verizon seems to be sucking up every failed company they can get their hands on. Last year the company bought AOL for $4.4 billion and now they got their greedy little hands on Yahoo for $4.83 billion. It's safe to say that if Verizon ever gets their hands on Wal-Mart, the world will be over. Make way for the reign of the Verizon empire.


After those darn Russian's released the emails from the DNC, the chairwoman Debbie Wasserman quickly resigned. Can you blame her? The emails proved what Trump has been saying all along, “the system is rigged.” The emails showed that the DNC was throwing all of it's support to Hillary and leaving poor old Bernie Sanders out in the cold. Not cool guys, not cool. Who will be the new chair? Who knows. Will it stop the system from being rigged? My bets are on no.

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If you are a fan of that dreamy show ‘The Bachelor' then you will remember Ben Higgins. Well, he came forward and said that ABC pressured him to drop his GOP Colorado campaign. He claims they didn't want the publicity of a Republican on their show. It could have just been the fact that Ben is far too handsome for politics. I guess now we will never know.


Did you know that Obama, our President, has a half-brother? I didn't know that either, although, I never took the time to find out. Well, Obama's brother came forward and said that he is voting for Trump. Obama's brother, Malik, said that “make America great again,” is a great slogan. He also said that Trump speaks from the heart and he likes that. I'm glad that the Obama's are coming over to the dark side. Although, I can imagine Thanksgiving dinner will be awkward now with Malik wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat at the table.


California was on fire over the weekend. Not the good kind that all the cool hip YouTubers are saying. Not ‘lit' or ‘on fire homie' but literally up in a giant blaze. Thousands of acres up in Santa Clarita, California were scorched in the summer heat of California. Is California still a tourist destination spot? Of course! The girls, the beaches, the bikinis, the girls, the stars, the girls… did I mention the girls? Even though the sky was purple and black from the smoke and the moon blazed orange in the night, families from Ohio were still rocking their cargo shorts on Hollywood Blvd.

Well, that's all we got for on the Weekend Review. We will keep filling you in on the crazy stuff that happens while you get some well-deserved days off.


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