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Trump Needs All Remaining States to Win



Presdident Donald Trump Waves to the Crowd | Trump Needs All Remaining States to Win | Featured

President Trump’s hopes for reelection have come down to the remaining battleground states.

The president has been leading in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina since Election Day. However, the unquestionable bias media and election establishment won’t call the states in his favor. Meanwhile, they’ve been quick to call states for Democratic challenger Joe Biden, who currently is within six electoral votes of taking the presidency. Trump needs to win every remaining state to take the election. These include Nevada, where Biden currently leads by 8,000 votes with 75% of the ballots counted.

However, Trump can widen his path to the White House if his legal challenges prove to be successful. He has requested a recount in Wisconsin, where widespread allegations of fraud and corruption may have impacted the results. He’s also challenging the count in Michigan, where several reports have surfaced accusing local election officials of impropriety.

Trump can also greatly increase his reelection odds if he comes out on top in Arizona, which mainstream media called for Biden well before the result was certain. On Thursday morning, new results from Maricopa County shrunk Trump’s deficit in the state.

Need for a Nevada Win

President Donald J. Trump Listens to a Reporter’s Question | Trump Needs All Remaining States to Win

If Trump’s campaign loses all of its legal challenges, the president can still win the election. However, he will need to take Nevada to make it happen. The president is expected to win Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Taking home these states will bring the president’s total electoral tally to 265, five votes shy of the 270 needed for an outright victory. Biden currently has 264.

Nevada’s six electoral votes will settle the contest unless Trump’s legal challenges in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona prove successful. Biden currently leads in the state but he’s riding a thin margin. As of Wednesday night, Nevada election officials only have 75% of the ballots counted, despite the fact that the state ranks as only the 32nd in the country in terms of population.

Voters across the country are beginning to question the unprecedented election delays after a suspicious eleventh-hour influx of Biden votes tipped the scales in Wisconsin and widespread allegations of impropriety in Pennsylvania and Michigan called their results into question.

Why is Nevada dragging its feet? Why hasn’t this thinly populated state managed to count all its ballots going on 72 hours after the election? The tallies have barely moved over the past few days, yet Nevada election officials swear they’ve been counting the entire time.

Smoke and Mirrors

It seems to be a pretty reasonable question, but all Nevada has provided is smoke and mirrors. The office of Nevada’s Secretary of State – a Democrat – put out a statement. It said, “The timeline for counting ballots in Nevada comes from the legislatively approved process, and this process dictates that all properly received ballots will continue to be counted for up to nine days after the election.”

Election officials are also withholding information from the public. The Reno Gazette-Journal reported that Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria, who oversees elections for roughly 70% of Nevada voters. Gloria wouldn’t say how many ballots left that they need to count. He also said the country would have to wait until 10 a.m. Pacific time on Thursday to get more information.

Nevada is taking a suspiciously long time to count its ballots. The counting delays are unusually long, even in an election beset by widespread mail-in and absentee voting. Most states have declared a winner already, yet this sparsely populated state where one official with close Democratic ties oversees 70% of the voting can’t seem to get the ballots counted. Florida has seven times as many people as Nevada, but the Sunshine State managed to figure out a winner before the clock struck midnight on Election Day.

Trump needs to win every state he’s leading to have a chance at winning. Assuming he takes home these states, he can win if he takes Nevada. However, he can still win without Nevada if he flips one of the states that were prematurely called for Biden. Either way, it’s going to be really close, and Nevada will play a key role in deciding the contest.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Tim says:

    But they have to look into possible fraud if there are in some states still counting. Make sure all votes were cast by American citizens to maintain integrity. They must assure there are no ballot switching as reported some ballots were trashed.

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