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Arrest Warrants Signed by Texas House Speaker for the 52 Dems Who Left State



Arrest Warrants Signed by Texas House Speaker for the 52 Dems Who Left State-ss-Featured

Republican Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan has issued warrants of arrest against the 52 state Democratic lawmakers who intentionally broke quorum for the third time in an effort to stop the law-making body from letting voter integrity legislation advance.

Phelan pushed through with the warrants following an 80-12 vote in the Texas House, in favor of having the said members arrested. This serves as the second time a similar vote happened during the said Democrats’ ongoing efforts to deny the majority Republicans a quorum.

Warrants for Texas House Democrats to Go to the House Sergeant-at-Arms

On Tuesday, the Texas Supreme Court overturned a ruling by a lower state court that banned the state’s legislature from issuing arrest warrants for the errant Democrats.

The warrants will go to the House Sergeant-at-Arms “for service,” per the Daily Mail.

Phelan signed out the said warrants following the Democrats’ refusal to report to work on the fifth day of a special session of the state House. This left the said chamber lacking eight members to make up a quorum.

The Daily Mail also revealed that the state representatives would not have to face prison after their arrest. However, they may have to go to the state’s Capitol by law enforcement when the House Sergeant-at-Arms puts the arrest warrants in motion.

A total of 57 out of the state House’s 67 Democrats decided to flee to D.C. last month to deny a quorum. It remains unclear how many have come back to their home state.

While in the U.S. Capitol, the group met with Vice President Kamala Harriss, which made it seem as if the White House has lent them symbolic support for their efforts. Some of the legislators ended up catching COVID-19, which has caused the White House to monitor Harris for any symptoms of the illness.

Some of the Texas Dems remained defiant about the arrest warrants. This includes Rep. Celia Israel of the 50th district of Texas who has come back home in the outskirts of Austin.

Per the Daily Mail report, Israel said that she believes they’re bluffing. She further asked, “Do they really want to arrest a woman of color?” further claiming that “They’re just thumping their chests.”

When she was asked if she would show up to the Capitol on Wednesday, prior to the issuance of the warrants, she said “hell no.” Israel further stated that the Texas House Democrats have a legal team who are working on their behalf.

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