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Clueless Kamala Blames Trump For Border Crisis After Months of Neglect



Clueless Kamala Blames Trump For Border Crisis After Months of Neglect-ss-Featured

On Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris Visited the southern border and blamed the Trump administration for the ongoing crisis.

Trump had advocated for strong border security during his presidency. This includes installing a border wall that many Democrats, including Harris, do not support.

Harris said that the current administration “inherited a tough situation” during her visit. She added that the system had people housed in inhumane conditions” over the past few years. She went on to say, however, that in five months, they made progress.

Although, it seems the vice president purposefully failed to note that the “inhumane conditions” came about from the overpopulation at facilities. This overpopulation happened because Biden’s administration decided that it would welcome illegal immigrants with open arms in the country.

The data don’t lie regarding this matter either. From May 2020, border crossings went up by 674%.

The vice president’s attempt to blame Trump and his administration contradict her efforts to bloc all pro-border security policies the former president tried to push.

Harris seems to know that she is failing to address the real issue. Now, she is trying to divert attention.

In connection to this, many critics have slammed Harris’ visit to the southern border as they claim she avoided going to the hardest-hit areas on purpose.

Instead of Blaming Trump, People Involved Slam Kamala for Not Visiting the Border Crisis Epicenter

An anonymous senior border official told Fox News that if Harris really cared about the border situation, she would have headed to McAllen as well as the sites found along the Rio Grande Valley. The said official quipped that it would be “worth seeing” if Harris’ trip goes beyond just having “a rubber stamp of ‘I visited the border.’”

Former ICE acting chief Tom Homan said the vice president should go to “the epicenter of this crisis.”

Homan said that instead of going to the worst-hit sport, she decided to visit El Paso because she doesn’t want to witness how bad the situation that the Biden administration’s policies have made.

In a separate interview on Fox News, Homan recognized that El Paso is currently seeing a surge in crossings. However, he noted that if an official wants to address a crisis, why not go to the “epicenter” and talk to the people working for Border Patrol to paint a better picture.

Another anonymous Border Patrol agent told Fox News that Harris’ only visiting now was unsurprising. The agent said she doesn’t think the crisis was a problem.

Harris’ visit to El Paso, Texas came weeks after many Republicans and some Democrats badgered her to do so. It also happened 93 days after president Biden told her to address this issue.

Prior to this trip, Harris decided to focus on making diplomatic efforts toward Central American countries. She also focused on pushing forward that they needed to address the “root causes” of immigration.

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  • Ed says:

    How can the vice president of the USA be so “STUPID” ???? Oh ya, it is THE CAMEL

  • David says:

    She’s not stupid, playing stupid. I dont know how she said it with a straight face. Piece of turd.

  • 2WarAbnVet says:

    Remember when our Sothern border was secure? That was way back a few months ago.

  • Dianne Cartrette Blackburn says:

    Biden and her both are both responsible for the mess at the border. They are the ones who told them to , COME ON DOWN , to the border. I think THAT HARRIS AND BIDEN SHOULD BE IMPEACHED FOR DESTROYING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND FUTHERMORE SHOULD HAVE TO GO LIVE IN THE COUNTRY THAT THEY BROUGHT ALL OF THESE ILLEGALS FROM !!!! President Trump should be put BACK IN CONTROL OF OUR GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 🇺🇸!!!!!!!’

  • Bemused Berserker says:

    Cying Lunt!!!

  • Sharon Volpe says:

    IMPEACH the Assholes already!

  • Carl says:

    Why is it when Dems screw up, there tactic is to blame everyone but themselves! This lady without her solar would be working at a cash register, reading national enquirer when business is slow!

  • Anonymous says:

    Too bad Oswald isn’t around. There is at least 3 he could get rid of

  • Scott says:

    Kamala visit was a waste of time and a waste of are tax payers dollars, we the American people deserve a lot better, shame shame on the Democrates.

  • The professor says:

    I have never been to the border between Mexico and the southern states but the simplest thing they should’ve done was put up a sign …. if you cross the border you’ll be shot put it in English put it in Spanish …. when I was stationed in Germany we took a trip to a little town called Hof …. and we were shown part of the wall that separated Germany from a communist country….. it was mostly a fence where if you tried to climb the fence lose your fingers it was design to amputate your fingers…. like I said homeland security ice should’ve put up signs in English in Spanish saying if you cross this border you will be SHOT….problem over

  • Chuck Roast says:

    I wonder what she was like before she started smoking MJ?I know people that have smoked MJ all there life and are just like her. My X-wife was one of them.Argue about every thing,and make no sense at all.Do not care about any thing except there next joint.They laugh all the time because they forget what the hell they are talking about.

  • Robert Glade says:

    The fact is that Trump successfully dealt with a tough situation left by O and Joe, until Joe and Kamala turned it into a major National crisis.

  • Johnny says:

    google chrome don’t know what freedom of speech is when you talk about democrats I guest the truth hurts , can I say YOU SUCK

  • Johnny says:

    harris belongs to the BLM gang , fancy that , who’s side is she on /

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