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Dems Bash Trump at Opening Night of Virtual DNC



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The Democrats opened their national convention via teleconference on Monday. As usual, the Left’s primary focus was bashing President Trump.

Almost every speaker spent a large chunk of their time bashing the president. They also blamed him for the coronavirus outbreak that stemmed from China. The lineup of opening night teleconferences included addresses from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, former first lady Michelle Obama, and perennial presidential loser Sen. Bernie Sanders. The general consensus amongst the Democrats was that President Trump and “white supremacists,” according to Mrs. Obama, are responsible for all of America’s endless woes.

Mrs. Obama's Speech

US First Lady, Michelle Obama, speaking at Mulberry School for Girls, London
Mrs. Obama's address featured a scathing rebuke of the administration. She called on Democrats to vote “like their lives depend on it” for presidential hopeful Joe Biden. She also used her time to bash Americans who are critical of the government’s increasingly draconian pandemic restrictions as people who are unwilling to keep us all safe. In an apparent ode to the recent unrest in American cities, Ms. Obama also blamed the Trump White House for “people calling the police on folks minding their own business just because of the color of their skin,” and “labeling fellow citizens enemy of the state, while emboldening torch-bearing white supremacists.”

The former first lady gracefully avoided mentioning the violence and unrest in American cities where so-called protests are taking place. The left is going crazy for Mrs. Obama’s speech, but her moral authority seems questionable given the fact her husband’s administration is under investigation for illegally spying on the Trump administration; a story that the mainstream media is doing its best to undermine and suppress leading into the election.

Governor Cuomo Joins In

Governor Cuomo also joined in on the Trump tantrum. He blamed the president for his state’s disastrous coronavirus track record and somehow managed to draw the conclusion that the virus came from Europe. “The failed federal government that watched New York get ambushed by their negligence, and then watched New York suffer, but all through it learned nothing.”

Cuomo is a third-term governor who has become a prominent face of the Democratic party since the pandemic began. President Trump gave state governors executive control over their coronavirus response early on in the pandemic. New York has the highest coronavirus death toll of any U.S. state. Despite his best efforts to use the Trump administration as a scapegoat, Cuomo was directly responsible for overseeing the state’s pandemic response. Also, his own mishandling of the crisis resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths.

President Trump Responds

White House Coronavirus Update
President Trump took to Twitter last night to bite back at Obama. He attacked the Obama-Biden administrations “weak and pathetic” response to H1N1 and said the duo got a “free pass from the Corrupt Fake News Media.” He also called out Ms. Obama’s husband’s “corrupt” administration for spying on his campaign. “The Obama-Biden Administration was the most corrupt in history, including the fact that they got caught SPYING ON MY CAMPAIGN, the biggest political scandal in the history of our Country,” Trump tweeted. “ It’s called Treason, and more. Thanks for your very kind words, Michelle!”

Trump and other Republicans were also quick to attack Cuomo’s coronavirus track record, particularly his policies towards nursing homes. Governor Cuomo issued an executive edict forcing New York nursing homes to accept new patients during the height of the pandemic. This decision has resulted in an absurdly high number of deaths in such facilities. His administration has refused to release nursing home death statistics, and Republicans smell blood in the water.

Michael Caputo, the Trump Administration’s assistant secretary of Health and Human Services, tweeted, “Does the #DemConvention know @NYGovCuomo panicked his people and sent sick people fleeing NYC into other cities and states, spreading the COVID virus across America?” and “Does the #DemConvention know @NYGovCuomo is still undercounting elderly nursing home deaths by only counting those who died in the home – not the thousands who died in hospitals?” Another Republican, Dr. David Samadi, tweeted “Governor Cuomo just called New York’s response to COVID-19 “beautiful”. Did he consult with the families of those who passed away in nursing homes?”

Mainstream Media

You probably won’t hear any of these counterpoints in the mainstream media. They are too busy gushing over Michelle Obama to point out her husband’s blatant corruption. Don’t expect to hear any mention of the left-wing fueled violence and vandalism sweeping through American cities, which Ms. Obama blamed on non-existent ‘white supremacists.’ Cuomo’s downright negligent nursing home policies also get a pass.

The Dems are parading out their most charismatic personalities to bash Trump while they keep Joe Biden tucked away in his basement, but he can’t hide forever. Eventually, Biden has to get on the debate stage with President Trump. Then, Americans can see for themselves who’s really fit to run this country.

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