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Kamala Staffers Are ‘Traumatized’ and ‘Terrified’ of The Possibility She Becomes President



Kamala Staffers Are 'Traumatized' and 'Terrified' of The Possibility She Becomes President -ss-Featured

A new explosive report surfaced, indicating that former staffers of Vice President Kamala Harris felt “traumatized” by their time working for her while she was still working as a senator. They say they still feel terrified at the possibility of having her as the U.S. president one day.

“It’s a nightmare scenario for some former Harris staffers who watched nervously as their former boss ascended the national political stage,” a Business Insider article reported on Thursday after the news outlet talked to a dozen staffers.

As per the report, many of these staff members remain loyal to the Democratic party. Many of them are also still fans of President Joe Biden. However, they would prefer not to see the boss whom they experienced a bad time working with to become the party’s standard-bearers.

The report also noted that Biden, at 78, had become the oldest person to become president. On election day in 2024, he would be a few weeks shy of being 82 years old. With this, speculation on whether he would run for reelection has already surfaced six months into his term.

Meanwhile, the Washington Free Beacon released a report, saying that Harris’ staffers“spoke on condition of anonymity to protect professional relationships, adding that Harris’ job trajectory means it’s well within reason she could become the most powerful person on the planet,” and that they fear being targeted by her.

The said staff members noted that the vice president’s office is a toxic workplace. They said it has a “reactionary” attitude, which resulted in “a sense of paranoia in that office that you never knew when she was going to snap at you.”

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