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“Bowl of S**T”: Progressive Leaders Pessimistic Over Biden



Sen. Nina Turner | “Bowl of S**T”: Progressive Leaders Pessimistic Over Biden | Featured

An article in The Atlantic spelled out the potential for a Trump victory in November, with high-profile liberal voices to endorse its claims. One of the leaders of the Bernie Sanders campaign team called Biden’s run a “bowl of s**t”. Liberal pundit Cornel West characterized him as “milquetoast” and “mediocre”.  The harsh words from progressive readers reflect a growing cynicism among many liberals about the Democratic choice for the presidency.

Sanders Team Member Slams Biden

The former co-chair of the Bernie Sanders campaign, Nina Turner, is none too excited about her party’s nomination. The campaign insider may have hinted at progressives’ opinion of Joe Biden when she called his candidacy a “bowl of [expletive]”.

Despite being one of many progressive leaders, Turner did not mince words when she discussed how progressives should feel about Joe Biden. “It’s like saying to somebody, ‘You have a bowl of s**t in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing.’ It’s still s**t,”

Turner was speaking to Peter Nicholas of The Atlantic. Nicholas featured her in an article entitled “Don’t Count Trump Out”.

If comments by the co-chair of the Bernie Sanders campaign are any indication, progressives are quite unhappy with the eventual winner of the 2020 Democratic nomination.

Liberal Harvard Professor Piles On

For the same piece, Peter Nicholas also interviewed Cornel West, a Harvard University professor and Bernie Sanders supporter. West was equally pessimistic about the 2020 candidate.

“We have to be true to ourselves and acknowledge that Biden is a mediocre, milquetoast, neoliberal centrist that we’ve been fighting against in the Democratic establishment,” West told Nicholas.

The Left Frets Over Biden

“Bowl of s**t” and “mediocre” are hardly a rally call from leaders within the far left. Progressive activists like Ms. Turner and Mr. West reflect a growing sense of anxiety and apathy over Biden’s candidacy.

Far from a conservative pick-me-up, “Don’t Call Trump Out” was a warning cry to the left to mobilize.  The thesis of the article was that Trump can win in 2020, which was apparently news to liberal readers. The article gave possible reasons causes for a Trump victory, such as COVID progress and an economic recovery before November.

The article devoted considerable attention, however, to the serious flaws that Joe Biden possesses as a candidate. From showing his age, to a political profile out of step with the current Democratic mood, Biden has few in the DNC celebrating.

It is true that Biden is a seriously flawed candidate, but not many are going to vote for him because of who he is. The hard truth is that few Americans want to vote for Joe Biden; they want to vote for or against Donald Trump. For most Americans, the 2020 election is a referendum on the incumbent: Donald Trump.

Trump Slips Among Seniors

The article made one crucial point in its assessment of Trump 2020 chances. Though the president still has ample opportunity to win, he is close to losing a Republican stronghold: senior voters. Voters over the age of 65 are unimpressed with how the president has handled the pandemic. Polls, flawed as they may be, are showing a healthy Biden lead among older voters for the first time in Trump’s administration.

If Donald Trump is going to win in 2020, he’ll need to keep his elderly constituents front and center.

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