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Fraud Allegations Abound as Counting Drags On Endlessly



President Donald Trump Gives the Crowd a Double Thumbs Up | Fraud Allegations Abound as Counting Drags On Endlessly | Featured

Conservatives are crying foul and fraud allegations are on the rise as shady ballot-counting practices continue in key battleground states produce unusual results.

The race has come down to a handful of states, and many of them are under Democrat control. President Trump led by a wide margin in some states for days after the election. However, local officials refused to call the state for the president.

Over the past few days, several districts have reported suspicious influxes of votes for Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Now, Trump’s lead has narrowed in key states, and Biden appears primed to take the White House.

President Trump’s legal team is challenging ballot-counting procedures in several states where widespread accounts and allegations of voter fraud have emerged. Here are the latest examples:


Republicans were on the lookout for voter fraud in the Keystone State before the race even started. Establishment Democrats have enjoyed a stranglehold on the state’s urban counties for decades, and Philadelphia in particular has a long history of voter fraud.

Trump jumped out to an early lead in the state on Election Day and he was up by a wide margin over the proceeding days. Now, the lead has narrowed and widespread allegations of fraud are raising serious doubts about the late influx of ballot ballots.

On Election Day, photos surfaced depicted poll workers wearing Biden-Harris face masks and distributing materials instructing voters to cast their ballots for Democratic candidates. In Philadelphia, certified GOP poll-watchers were turned away when they requested to oversee the counting procedures.

President Trump filed suit to allow Republican poll watchers to oversee the ballot counting. However, Philadelphia’s sheriff has refused to enforce the court order. After the judge ruled that poll-watchers must be allowed within six feet of the counting, local election staff moved the counting machines to the back of the building where they couldn’t be seen.

“They are still not in compliance,” said Trump campaign associate Pam Bondi. “It’s unbelievable what they are trying to do to our votes that have been legally cast. They will not let us see anything… They are defying a court order by a judge and this is not the last of this.”

Some voters in the state report being turned away from the polls. Others say officials are accepting ballots without postmarks and counting these illegal ballots as lawful votes.

Biden has since mysteriously taken the lead in Pennsylvania. He currently leads by about 5,000 votes.


President Trump has requested a recount in Wisconsin where he lost by a razor-thin margin. The president was up comfortably when most of the country went to bed on Election Night, but a massive deluge of Biden votes hit the rolls in the wee hours of the morning.

Between 2 and 3:30 a.m. ET on Election Day, Wisconsin added 125,000 votes to the tally, and every single one of them was for Joe Biden. Such a one-sided influx of ballots is a near impossibility, statistically.

The state has been called for Biden but a recount will decide the contest.


The Silver State has been counting votes excruciatingly slow. The state still hasn’t called its election days after voting ended. Some Republicans are accusing the state of dragging its feet so more mysterious Biden ballots can materialize.

The Trump Administration has filed a lawsuit against Nevada for counting illegal ballots. According to the allegations, the state has counted thousands of illegal ballots from residents who no longer live in the state.

The lawsuit is pending, and Nevada hasn’t been called as of Friday morning.


President Trump led comfortably in Georgia for the past few days, but his lead has narrowed over the past few days and now Biden is ahead in the state. Top officials say a recount is likely.

Workers in seven counties are still counting ballots. Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said there are about 14,097 ballots left to cast. Biden currently leads by 1,096.
North Carolina
Trump is currently winning in North Carolina, and he has been for days. However, the media refuses to call the state for the president.

On Election Day, the state said 100% of its precincts had been counted at 11:40 p.m. with President Trump commanding a comfortable lead. Mysteriously, the state now says they’ve only counted 94% of the vote and they won’t have the results until next week.

The mainstream media has largely ignored the discrepancy, and mysteriously materializing ballots continue to eat away at the president’s previously sizeable lead.

Media Suppression

The mainstream media is also being accused of suppressing the Republican vote. The Associated Press’s decision desk dragged its feet when it came to calling states for Trump on election night. Additionally, the group called Arizona for Biden well before he could legitimately claim victory in the state. Rumors have surfaced that say the decision to call Arizona inappropriately early could’ve led some voters who were waiting in line to abandon their vote. Although, those claims haven’t been verified.

Trump supporters have joined forces to protest the vote-counting impropriety, but the mainstream media’s allies in Big Tech are stepping up to suppress the civil unrest. Facebook banned a Pro-Trump group that was attempting to organize protests against election fraud. The social media firm claims some members advocated for violence, but Facebook has allowed most ANTIFA-affiliated groups to organize violent unrest in urban centers across the country with impunity.

The Left’s Ugly Side

The Left is proving once again proving their disdain for individual liberty. They’ll do whatever it takes to subject their world view on an unwilling population, even if it means cheating in an election. This election has been reminiscent of a vote in a third-world country.

Democratic officials have repeatedly denied poll watchers to supervise the counting. Additionally, the lack of transparency is disturbing even if the fraud allegations don’t prove accurate. The media has been a willing accomplice in the outright voter suppression. With this, Big Tech is stepping up its efforts to silence conservative voices.

President Trump has called for transparency and hinted that the election will end up in the Supreme Court. “There’s been a lot of shenanigans and we can’t stand for that in our country,” the president said.

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1 Comment

  • Katthy says:

    We truly need to start all over again with this election and toss out 11/3 votes and vote again in person having to show proper IDENTIFICATION

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