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Gang Activity Takes Over Portland and People are TERRIFIED



Gang Activity Takes Over Portland and People are SCARED-ss-Featured

There has been a sharp increase in gang activity in Portland, and it has been adding fuel to gun violence there.

Currently, Portland police officers are reporting several shootings a week in the city. Usually, officers record 50 to 70 shots fired per incident. In one case, over 150 were fired. This comes as gang violence, including retaliatory shootings, forms a vicious cycle once again in Portland.

This year, Portland has seen 37 homicides so far. This figure is six times larger than what was recorded in the same period in 2020. If this doesn't change, the city will likely go over its record for the number of homicides. The record of 70 homicides happened in 1987 when a gang siege ravaged portland.

Currently, the violence has already deeply affected the way of life in Portland. This liberal city demanded change to its police force after thousands of people under the Black Lives Matter asked for it following George Floyd’s murder. However, because of it, the city doesn’t know where to place the role of their police.

Portland Defunds Police While Gang Violence Rages On

The rise in gang-related shootings places the spotlight on a controversial and sensitive issue: violence surge yet people still call to defund the police.

Local police estimate that gang-related incidents make up half of the city’s 470 shootings this year. Last month, Mayor Ted Wheeler warned that perpetrators of such shootings are receiving instructions from gangs, which directs them to shoot a person within 30 days or be shot. Wheeler added that people are coming from other states to conduct violent things in Portland.

The number of incidents now is comparable to what happened in the ‘90s. Police and residents, however, claim that the number of shots fired now is more than what they’ve witnessed before. Additionally, gangs don’t just target a rival and wait. Now, they immediately shoot at venues, even including a vigil. In this scenario, several shooters wreak havoc instead of one, adding more gunshots and increasing the odds of innocent people suffering injuries.

People agree that Portland has a problem. However, not a lot of people can offer a way to solve it.

Portland Police “Underfunded, Understaffed”

Portland Police Sgt. Ken Duilio said that many bullets are being used all over the city. However, the police department remains “underfunded, understaffed and under-supported.”

This surge of violence in the city comes at a time when the police bureau at Portland is at its lowest. Currently, the department is understaffed. It now has 100 police officers less than what the city determined as “authorized strength.”

In the last nine months, the police bureau had experienced a fast turnover, with 120 people leaving their jobs as officers. Many of them said they felt low morale, while others experienced burnout from the many constant protests.

In addition to the lack of personnel, the city also took away $27 million from the department’s budget. It slashed $11 million due to the budget crisis brought about by the pandemic. Meanwhile, it redirected $15 million to community groups amid calls to defund the police.

They also disbanded a unit that aims to curb gun violence which was accused of disproportionately targeting people of color.

Jo Ann Hardesty, a member of the City Council, had pushed to cut the unit. Despite everything happening now, she maintains that this is the right decision.

City Leaders Forced to Reevaluate Decisions

Although, as the rate of gun violence continues to go upward in 2021, leaders of the city needed to evaluate. Now, more police officers have been assigned to oversee shootings. Also, the police department and the FBI have started working together in investigating crimes. Additionally, the U.S. Attorney for Oregon is increasing the push to prosecute gun violence cases. Although, efforts to “refund” even just parts of the cut remain controversial.

Also, Portland’s City Council decided to create a team, made up of 12 officers and two sergeants, that would address gun violence. However, it issued no additional funds for this team.

In addition, City Council voted to create a team of 12 officers and two sergeants to address gun violence, but with no additional funds.

Chief Chuck Lovell said the department is “so lean right now” that officials will likely have to pull officers from patrol, domestic violence or human trafficking investigations to support the new team.

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  • David says:

    People in Poetland have been afraid for years. Hopefully, some of the elected officials will become victims of their policies.

  • PHÖNIX says:

    The people of Portland are getting what they deserve. Ignorant fools thought it was a rights violation of some kind when they were busting up property, including Federal property, during their riots. Now they want the police to help them against gangs? Defund the police = No police protection. You can’t have it both ways… Damned idiots!

  • Shae says:

    Well that’s what you get for defunding the police. Can’t fix stupid

  • Bobby Williamson says:

    You got exactly what you asked for , you made your bed, now lie in it, don’t come crying to the police when your family is
    Liked because you wanted to define them, exactly what did you think would happen when criminals knew there weren’t going to be any police ?

  • Bobby says:

    Killed *

  • Connie Pomeroy says:

    Yeah, Dr. Phil wants to know how all that’s working for ya!?!

  • Trish L. Richey says:

    3 Words…. SMITH AND WESSON!!!!

  • C says:

    Maybe, if left un-checked, the gangs will kill each other off, and take some of the corrupt / idiot city council members with them.

  • Oldwestman says:

    What the hell did they expect They elected a bunch of jerks to office on the false promises they made and when push came to shove they failed the people that put them in office. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned from this. Don’t just vote for people that you have made no effort to get to know just because they make pretty promises that they can’t back up. It’s called situational awareness. Do your due diligence and find out what they are really all about not just what the media tells you as they are full of crap too.

  • AD Roberts says:

    The west coast of Oregon has been rabidly, radically leftist, for decades. They reject God. Now God rejects them. They are given over to an irrational “mind” that thinks good is bad and bad is good.
    One hope. Turn back to God. II Chronicles 7:14

  • Julia Frenz says:

    According to the article, criminals from other states are flocking to Portland. Decent, law-abiding people are leaving. Good. I love it. Let the leftists who run the place stay and marinate in the chaos, the misery, and the culture of death they have created, and let all that be an example for the rest of us of what we get when we stay silent and let it happen.

  • Anonymous says:

    You deserve what you vote for. Now enjoy your ride as only the dumb remain.

  • Billy W says:

    You may now enjoy the wokeism your idiot leftists voted for.

  • Thomas Hyde says:

    I love this…they are reaping what they have sowed. I don’t understand their thought process…because of one dumb-ass cop in a totally different state acts stupidly, Portland wants to defund their police. Portland police didn’t kill Floyd, so why were they punished? Now, the citizens of Portland are being punished. Eventually, it all comes full circle.

  • MetalMike says:

    HAHAHAHA….LOLLOLLOLLOL!!!!! FUCK PORTLAND!!! You Got To Love This. Where Is The City Counsel Idiots At? Build A Wall Around Portland. Let It Be Their “Safe Space” And Leave Them Alone In Their Shit Hole City. Bunch Of Pussy’s In Portland.

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